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Epic Games To Give Away 15 Free Games This Christmas

If you want to make 15 Epic games ready for release on the Epic Games Store for free (including some core games), add free games to your library, then this holiday season will be great, you just need to ask them to add them To your account. We still have many exciting days, so after receiving the gifts, be sure to check back regularly, because we will continue to look for which game will be the fourth game in the Epic Gift draw. Stay tuned for PlayStation Plus, Epic Games Store, Xbox Game Pass, and more in-game news. Continue to view current free content and future content here.

Epic Games Free Games

Credit @ Epic Games

We had a lot of hands last year, including games like Metro 2033 and Alien Isolation, while there were 12 hands played in 2019. Epic has rolled out its regular weekly giveaways – in today’s case, it’s a shrunken version of the Godfall Challenger Edition and an old reliable version. Prison Architect, but there is also a festive teaser for the “mystery game” that started on December 16th. Epic already gives away free games every week on the Epic Games Store, but at the end of December,, the number of games is increasing with a new giveaway every day. Epic hosted a 15 Days Free Games event last December, which looks set to repeat itself in 2021.

They claim the promotion will kick off with a free copy of Shenmue 3 on December 16, when the current sale also kicks off on the Epic Games Store through January 6, 2022. Every week a new game is offered for free, and next week new more free games.. To help promote the new Epics store, they started releasing free games to the public. They started out with tremendous success, releasing the hugely popular Subnautica to their platform users, and have gone on to release some impressive games. Epic was also giving away NBA 2K21 for a week.

Epic Games Free Games

Credit @ Epic Games

The game will be available for free on December 30 and can be redeemed for one week. In terms of the lottery, the first 14 games will be free for one day. The last game will be released on the 15th day and the release time is 7 days. Ah, thankfully, parts of the internet are protected from leaks and spoilers. According to reports of free video games coming out next week from Epic, gamers will need to be careful about getting something big for themselves. Epic Games Store is giving away 15 free games this holiday season.

While the details of this year’s Christmas giveaway remain unknown, it is anticipated that the free-to-play list will include titles that have never been free before. This year’s Christmas giveaway will have at least 9 titles that weren’t previously offered for free on the Epic Games Store. Epic to new leaks, it looks like Epic will be distributing around 15 free games between December 16-30. Like last year, Epic Games kicks off its Christmas celebrations by giving away 15 free games starting December 16th.

Epic is also running a Holiday discount sale. So, if you bought 5 games for over $ 14.99, you can get $ 10 off at checkout. You can get a $ 10 discount coupon to use when selling games starting at $ 15. And with every purchase of a game starting at $ 14.99, a $ 10 coupon is automatically used. Whether you’re on an epic solo adventure or hanging out with friends online, video games are the cure we need right now in these unprecedented times.



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