Errol Musk reveals incident from Elon’s visit to family emerald mine

While the billionaire Chief Executive of Twitter had previously acknowledged the fact that his family owned an emerald mine in Zambia, he had recently said that he was unbeknownst to the existence of the said mine. In a tweet, he also claimed that whoever could prove the existence of the mine would receive a million Dogecoins from the billionaire. Citing this as an easy way to earn a million dogecoins, Musk’s own father was interested in the offer. Errol claimed that Musk was fully aware of the mine’s existence and was trying to get away with it because he did not want to appear like another spoon fed billionaire.


Elon has claimed that he is not aware of the location of any such mine owned by his family. However, Errol, his father has said that he is fully aware of the mine. There has been some speculation about the role that Elon’s family wealth had in his initial ventures. People wonder if Musk’s generational wealth might have played a significant role in his rise.

It is certainly true that Elon’s father was successful in the mining industry. Errol Musk made a fortune in the emerald mining business. Elon grew up in South Africa, where his father’s success undoubtedly had an impact on his upbringing. However, the billionaire has always downplayed the significance of his family’s wealth in his own success. He has reiterated in several interviews that his own drive and ambition have contributed to his success. He has also criticized his father and once described him as a “terrible role model” citing his multiple marriages and infidelity. He also claimed that he had a traumatizing childhood due to Errol’s abusive nature.

Recent Development:

Recently, Errol Musk, the billionaire’s father has claimed that on a trip to the emerald mine the 15-year old Musk did not eat anything for four days in a row. In an interview, Errol claimed that the young Musk once accompanied him to the mine located in the Lake Tanganyika region to pick up an emerald cargo. The senior Musk further said that there was nothing to eat other than ground dried corn and the Young Musk did not eat anything for four days in a row.

Elon’s Passport Problem:

The billionaire’s father also revealed how Elon almost got them into trouble while entering foreign land while accompanying his father to the mine. He said that he asked Elon to jump from the Taxi in the dark and crawl through a hole in the fence to meet him at the other end as if he was receiving him. However, Elon did not follow his advice and when asked about the same said that he did not want to do anything wrong.