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Byju’s lenders scrap talks to restructure $1.2 billion loan

Byju's, an esteemed startup in India, is currently facing a significant setback following the withdrawal of creditors from discussions to restructure a loan amounting to $1.2 billion. Sources familiar with the matter reveal that these talks came to an end due to the creditors filing a lawsuit alleging that the company concealed $500 million in raised funds. To protect their anonymity, these individuals have requested to remain unnamed since the information discussed is private.   Byju Raveendran, founder and chief executive officer As a result of the terminated discussions, lenders now possess the ability to sell Byju's term loan B securities since the limitations imposed during the negotiations have been lifted. Byju's has a deadline until June 5 to fulfill its obligation of paying the interest on the loan. Notably, during a court hearing in the US last month, an attorney representing the organization expressed confidence that the company would soon receive a substantial capital infusion, which would enable it to repay the loan. These statements contradict the allegations of fund concealment raised by the creditors. Steep losses and cost reduction targets...

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