Ethereum could hit 5 figures before the end of this bull-run

Bitcoin breaking its all-time high has made it clear that we are in for another bull-run. And this begs the question of where we can expect Ethereum to be by the end of this bull-run. Analysts suggest that Ethereum could easily hit 5 figures by the end of this rally. A conservative estimate would be $12,000, but a good rally could also take it above $15,000. It is important to note that 2021 is not the end of this bull run, and things could extend well into 2022.

Ethereum needs to break some critical levels.

The $4000 price level for Ethereum is seemingly very difficult to clear. A movement towards the $5,000 mark and conquering the level will make the sentiment really bullish for ETH. Bitcoin is also needed to continue its bull-run for all altcoins and especially Ethereum to hit 5 figures in 2021. The movement of BTC towards $200k by the end of this bull-run will Ethereum above $10k for sure, and that is conservative.

Ethereum could hit 5 figures
Image Source: Nairametrics

Ethereum and Bitcoin price actions look very paired, and if BTC has a great bull-run, nothing is stopping Ethereum. The price of the coin is almost at its all-time high, and a 3x from here puts it’s at 12k, and a 4x, which is not too much of the cards, will take it to 16k.

Is $15k even possible in this bull run?

Yes, it is very much possible and will completely depend on the price action of BTC. But before that, it will be important to see how long it takes for Ethereum to break its all-time high. This is because the coin is seeing some serious resistance at this level. So, let’s see if Bitcoin’s bull run will take Ethereum to a whole new level.

Let’s also talk about other altcoins a bit. We can expect good tokens to do a 5-10x by the end of this bull run, and if Bitcoin touches $200k, I will not rule out 15x-20x for some good tokens. Some of these are Dot, Vet, Zil, Link. I am not promoting these tokens, it’s just that they seem like a good investment to me. Do your own research before investing.

What are your thoughts on analysts saying that Ethereum could hit 5 figures? And what price do you think BTC needs to reach before that happens? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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