EU sanctions on Russia
Picture Credits: European Union

European Union sanctions a mountain of Restrictions on Russia for invading Ukraine!

The war and it’s complications!

Russia’s invasion in Ukraine shook the world. There are many reasons which led to the invasion. After Russia started the war against Ukraine, the whole world has penalized Russia for its actions. After the war begin, Russia started facing bad consequences from USA and the whole world. European Union sanctioned many leading crypto currencies exchange to stop the services in Russia. Coinbase was one among the crypto currencies exchange to sanction a ban on the accounts of the users in Russia.


EU’s Restrictive measures against Russia Over Ukraine!

EU sanctioned multiple restrictions in different departments in response to Russia’s invasion. The sanctions were designed to weaken the Kremlin’s ability to finance the war and impose clear economic and political costs on Russia’s political elite responsible for the invasion.

The measures included:

  1. Individual Sanctions.
  2. Economic Sanctions.
  3. Restrictions on Media.
  4. Diplomatic Measures.
  5. Restrictions on economic relations with the non-government controlled areas.


Out of above restrictions, the ban on crypto currency exchange was a part of economic sanction advised by EU. The Economic sanctions are currently extended until 31st July, 2022.


How did the exchanges react to the sanction given by EU? Read further to find out!

EU Sanctions on Russia
Picture Credits: TheNewsTrace

Coinbase was one of the exchanges that obliged to the sanctions set out by EU and shut down some of the Russian accounts. Coinbase also plans in banning the accounts of the users adhering to the guidelines laid out by EU.

According to a Russian news agency, the accounts of the users whose documents fail to prove that they are not under EU sanctions will be banned. The users who do not have the documents, will need to withdraw their funds from Coinbase platform. Failing to do so, the exchange will freeze their funds. Additionally, any funds transferred to such user account after 31st May will also be frozen by Coinbase.


Crypto Exchanges are determined to stop the services to Russia.

Before Coinbase acted, Binance introduced restrictions targeting a broader percentage of the Russian population in April. Binance’s restrictions targeted Russian citizens and organisations that hold more than 10,000 Euros.


Crypto Currencies exchange are also willing to facilitate Ukraine.

Binance also vowed to distribute $10 million to Ukraine. Binance also launched a crypto card to help Ukrainian refugees to facilitate payment activities at EFA merchant stores that support card payments.