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EV owners to avail ReadyAssist at 5000 locations in India
ReadyAssist will provide services related to EV on road at different locations

ReadyAssist is a Bangalore-based car and bike breakdown service in India founded in 2018. The company is now set to provide its services to EV owners, everything from charging to replacing batteries.

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Various services under one platform

The company plans to offer its services through an application, which has every service EV owners might need. Additionally, they are also going to provide small-charging installation at home.

Furthermore, batteries can be replaced or any other small part could be repaired by ReadyAssist. The startup has been training its employees to work on fuel-based vehicles. There were around 280 hires, who were all mechanics prior to ReadyAssist.

Their involvement in the industry has been long enough to have certain expertise. Hence, it is expected that ReadyAssist will be able to provide the same quality of services with EVs too. Electric Vehicles are highly preferred by the public but without convenient infrastructure, there is no booming era for EVs.

In a statement to the press, the CEO of ReadyAssist, Vimal Singh said, “We at ReadyAssist are trying to solve the challenge in competency building, setting up a charging network and adding EV specific RSA by cross leveraging our existing network and infrastructure in addition to our regular RSA and accidental recovery support,”

Their support to their employees

Currently, there are very few EV owners in the country, both bikes, and cars. The process of using EVs on a mass scale will probably take time, involving government and automakers. However, ReadyAssist gives its full support to its employees.

The startup has been provided support to their mechanics, so they can manage their own garage and also gain by being part of the company. Also, the company has already provided huge financial assistance by educating them on bank loans, etc.

These mechanics are given equal importance regardless. Everyone on the team has health insurance and a performance bonus.

This kind of flexible working lessens the company’s investment in employees and also enables them to work on their own as micro-entrepreneurs.

Know the founder

Vimal Singh is a BITS, Pilani Alumnae, who studied masters in computer science. For most of his life he worked on start-ups or unique areas, however, he started out like everyone. He working in Tech Mahindra for 9 months in the past. Later in 2016 he and his team worked on ReadyAssist. Alongside, they also have Mecademy, which is a coaching institute.

The other crucial members of the team include Vijay Sambamurthi and Vivek Subramaniam- as a founding partner, And founding partner & CEO, respectively.





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