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Eve Jobs criticizes iPhone 14

If you’re thinking about buying the latest iPhone 14, then you might want to know what Eve Jobs, Steve Jobs’s daughter thinks about it. Go through the entire article to learn more about this news piece.

Eve Jobs views about the latest iPhone

You might be thinking that Steve Jobs’s daughter Eve Jobs must have loved the new iPhone 14. Sadly that is not the case. Eve thinks that iPhone there is no major difference between iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. Therefore, buying iPhone 14 is a waste. She even posted a meme on a story that proved her point. Basically, people who are buying iPhone 14 after buying iPhone 13 are buying the same thing and not getting anything new. Many people started pointing out the differences between the two iPhones to make Eve Jobs’s points sound baseless.

About Apple

Apple is one of the biggest information technology companies in the world. It comes under the top 5 top information technology firms in the world. It is known for its mobile phones, laptops, watches, iPods, etc. The main principle of the company is to give everyone enough power to reach their potential. It wants people to be the best at what they do by using its products. Apple’s products have some amazing features that give people an edge over others. It is currently being headed by Tim Cook. The company has its headquarters in Cupertino, California.

About Eve Jobs

Eve Jobs is Steve Jobs’s daughter who is the co-founder of Apple Inc. She is also a popular model and social media figure. What she says and does has an influence over millions of people. Therefore, her views about the latest iPhone 14 were shocking for everyone to hear and people are actually paying heed to her opinion. Many people claim that Apple’s innovation strategies have gone down after the death of Eve’s father, Steve Jobs.

About Tim Cook

Tim Cook is the present CEO of the company. He has previously worked in IBM and Compaq, two extremely reputed companies. He is an asset to the company as he has seen the company through its highs and lows. He saw the company when it was so low on finances that it was close to bankruptcy and now when it is one of the most successful firms globally. He has done his studies at Duke University. “The intense pressure of setting and executing Apple’s progression with deep precision, and of taking responsibility for the company’s effects on society, is almost unimaginable,” Laurene Powell Jobs wrote. “Yet Tim does it with compassion and discipline, turning to nature to replenish his spirit.”