Everything you need to know about the Green Satoshi Token

Ever wonder what it is like to earn while you walk or do daily tasks? Well, with the huge diversification of cryptocurrencies, this is now being possible. You can now earn crypto while you are doing your daily tasks such as walking, cooking, exercising, etc. Today, we are going to talk about one such crypto. The Green Satoshi Token (GST) and the Stepn App that helps you earn it.

What is the Stepn App?

A virtual environment was superimposed on the actual one in a number of augmented reality (AR) games in the recent history. Play-to-earn videogames and activities appeared a little while later. Users were paid by these services in cryptocurrency for reaching in-game benchmarks.

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Stepn adds the more recent play-to-earn concept, which was popularized by cryptocurrency titles like Axie Infinity which rewards players with crypto tokens, to that element: accumulating points depending on progress achieved using GPS. As an outcome, a game was created that records users’ real-world exercise and awards them credits in the form of cryptocurrency.

Stepn is a mobile phone app that enables individuals generate income by strolling, walking, jogging, sprinting or running for a strictly specified timeframe that resets every 24 hours and was built on Ethereum rival Solana by software developer FindSatoshi Lab. Members get credits based on the distance they exercise, which is monitored by GPS, and are then rewarded for their accomplishments with cryptocurrency tokens. The reward generated while using this app is called the Green Satoshi Token (GST)

In Stepn, you may improve your shoe to enhance 1 or more of 5 distinct attributes, similar to how you could enhance your armor to endure particular assaults in a conventional role-playing game: a capacity for resilience that delays deterioration (and declining rewards); Luck, which raises the likelihood that players will win a randomized reward during a period; Comfort, which raises the consumption of a different type of token called GMT, which has to do with administration; and Efficiency, which raises the amount of GST earned for each unit of “energy” used.

Energy, the fifth attribute, is a measurement of the timeframe on STEPN. You start out with two energy units when you play. After every move-to-earn session, each unit is restored and stands for an additional 10 minutes. You are only permitted to utilize one energy each day. This implies that you can only exercise for 10 minutes every day while earning GST. Additionally, you must ensure that you are walking at the appropriate speed for the style of sneakers you are wearing. You can acquire any of the four aforementioned traits and level up your play once you have earned sufficient Green Satoshi Token to switch to the new shoe.

What is the Green Satoshi Token (GST)?

The STEPN ecosystem’s utility token is the Green Satoshi Token (GST). It is utilised as an in-game money and a substitute for achievement rewards or experience points. GST is needed for minting NFT Sneakers, modifying, and repairing them. When users walk in Solo mode or Background mode, that’s how GST can be obtained.


Green Satoshi Tokens (GST), which are created in the walking, running, and other moving exercising modes, are given to players via the STEPN app. Leasing out their NFTs to system users or new participants is another way that investors may make GST. Additionally, GST tokens may be given in exchange for Carbon Removal Credit on the blockchain, promoting the idea of carbon neutrality in the fight against global warming and helping to save the environment.

There are two forms of GST – one based on Solana and one based on the Binance Smart Chain. A built-in burning function for the GST is intended to gradually limit supply and support the pricing. Although STEPN users are the primary target audience for GST, prospective buyers can acquire tokens through Coinbase to participate in the app’s expansion.

Due to Mainland China’s regulations, the price of the cryptocurrency platform recently fell. The notification states that as of July 15, 2022, the STEPN app would not be permitted to function in China. It is one of the elements that the latest crypto market meltdown issue has as one of its causes.

What are the different modes to earn the Green Satoshi Token?

Three modes are available in the Stepn app:

Solo Mode: the amount of GST obtained by moving depends on the player’s physical exercise and the scarcity of NFT shoes, 

Marathon Mode: enrollment is necessary at least 24 hours prior to the start of any weekly or monthly online marathons.

Background Mode: By owning only one pair of shoes, users may generate revenue in GST tokens. The background mode remains active even when the program is not running, and it doesn’t affect how long the sneakers last.

How to obtain Green Satoshi Token using the Stepn App?

The Stepn app is available on iOS as well as Android devices. In this section, we will cover the entire sign up process on both the platforms in details and teach you how you can obtain your own Green Satoshi Token using the app.

Step 1: On your Android device, open the Google Play store and search for Stepn, then open the first result you see. You can also click here to go there directly.

Or, if you are using an iOS device, go to the App Store and search for Stepn, then open the first result you see. You can also click here to go there directly.

Step 2: On both Android or iOS device, click Install and wait for the app to install. Once the app is installed, open it.

Step 3: Enter your e-mail and then click the Send Code button. You will receive a verification code on your e-mail.

Step 4: Enter the verification code and click the Login/Sign up button.

Step 5: If you have an activation code, enter it. If you don’t have an activation code, you can either join Stepn’s discord, or you can join the waitlist.

(Note: This code is necessary for your account’s activation. Without entering this code, you will not be able to join this app.)

Step 6: Once you’ve entered an activation code, click Enter Stepn. Your account will be created successfully. Complete the basic app tutorial to move ahead.

Step 7: Click on the Wallet icon to create a new wallet. Create a secret phrase and verify wallet details.

Step : Buy a sneaker on the app’s marketplace and start walking to earn the Green Satoshi Token (GST).

(Note: In order to earn the GST, it is important to buy a sneaker first. Without sneaker, you will not be able to earn.)

How to buy Green Satoshi Token using Coinbase?

The price of the Green Satoshi Token in the open market is Rs. 4.9. You can buy it using several crypto wallets, but for that you will need to convert Binance token. In this segment, we will cover how you can buy the GST directly using Coinbase without binance conversion.

Step 1: If you already have an account on Coinbase, log into it. Else, create a new account.

Step 2: After completing account set up, search for the Green Satoshi Token.

Step 3: Click on the Green Satoshi Token from the list. Click on Buy.

Step 4: Enter the quantity you want to buy. You can either select the number of tokens you want or the  amount you want to purchase the token for.

Step 5: If you have balance in your Coinbase wallet, it will be deducted automatically. Otherwise, load your wallet first and repeat the process from Step 1 to Step 4.

Congratulations, you are now a proud owner of the Green Satoshi Token.

What can you buy on the Stepn Marketplace using the Green Satoshi Token?

The Stepn app’s marketplace is a unique place, dedicated to the green initiative. You can buy sneakers, gems and badges on the marketplace.

Sneakers are necessary for earning the Green Satoshi Token. It is the building block that every user needs to have in order to run the app at maximum capacity. There are five different attributes of sneakers: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The degree of each Attribute when a Sneaker is minted will be picked at random between the minimum and maximum values in accordance with Sneaker quality. As a result, even shoes of the same caliber might have wildly diverse distributions of attributes. Customers may rank up the Sneakers by utilizing GST, albeit at some points GMT is also necessary. Each rank up has a set completion time that rises with the quantity of GST and GMT needed in accordance with Sneaker level. More GST can be used to speed up or accelerate this process.

When the Sneakers reach the appropriate level, users can unlock Gem Sockets, and they can then use the appropriate Gems to improve their Sneaker Attributes in the unlocked Sockets. Users may improve their Gems by burning GST and merging three Gems of the same level and kind to a higher level by going to the Upgrade tab under the Gems section.

Users may visit the in-app Marketplace if they want to rent something. Before their rental request is authorised, they must submit an application, be matched with a leaser, and unconditionally accept the leaser’s terms. The Sneaker will be handed back to the owner for maintenance after each 24-hour rental period. Depending on the credit rating of the tenant, a Rental Agreement may last up to 7 days. Renter’s credit score will be reduced by 1 star if they don’t comply with the Rental Agreement’s requirements.

Renters must pass a series of “scholar” tests in order to raise their credit score. They can begin renting if their rating achieves a 2/5. This procedure makes sure they are familiar with all the essentials of the software, avoiding renters from abusing or underutilizing it and generating no returns. The maximum credit rating is 5/5.

What are your thoughts on this green initiative by the Stepn App? If you have any doubts regarding the Green Satoshi Token, hit us up in the comment section and we will revert as soon as possible.