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Excitement surges as the final design of Tesla Cybertruck takes the spotlight on Twitter.

Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk

Twitter is surging with excitement as the spotlight shines on the much-awaited Tesla Cybertruck. The final design has got netizens all excited as Musk reveals how the EV opens. An EV opening is a normal affair when we look from a normal point of view. But we are talking about Tesla. Ergo, surprises are part of the deal. And the twist to the tale is that the Tesla Cybertruck will not have the conventional door handles. In place of the door handles, we have a truck that will loyally recognize the owner and open the door without any manual effort. Seems like Musk never runs out of tricks in his magic hat. And for one thing, we know that Musk knows how to tweet in style(and also the other way around).

No Doors To Be Opened

Tesla is opening new doors of opportunity with zero doors to be opened. (The word you are looking for is irony). The Tesla Cybertruck is the much-awaited addition to the electric pick-up segment that will give out all the promises of taking the EV world by storm. And with the surprisingly awe-inducing features, the truck has implied that the storm is already brewing.

The Cybertruck idea was first revealed by Tesla back in 2019 and it seems like it is around the block of completion. Musk has always kept the crowds on the tip of excitement by chipping in with brilliant details about the truck that will be quite the Tesla truck with technology shaped to innovate and inspire. Who will not be waiting for a Cybertruck with the credentials of a sports car? This is in addition to its brilliant pick-up abilities that can easily scour any harsh terrain. From the details we have, it is very much evident that Tesla is on check with path-breaking technology. As per the snippets of information given by Musk, the truck will be of the same design as it was revealed in 2019 with slight alterations here and there.

Excitement Surges On Twitter

As Tesla Cybertruck becomes the reigning highlight of the Twitter town, netizens have hit the highest point of their excitement meter. While most are intrigued by the unique design of the truck, a few others are put off by the eccentric shape. Check out these responses on Twitter as Cybertruck soon made it to the trending list on Twitter.

You can always have your own version. All you need in place of a few dollars are some building blocks and imagination.

Already a cheer-inducer.

Now that is a typical Elon Musk dialogue. If by flop he means a few million in his pockets, then sure. After all, it is the effort that matters.

Aliens aren’t that bad a deal after all.

Did we say a few million before? Perhaps it is time to take away that ‘few.’

Now here is an interesting game.

A really good question.

Are we imagining an ideal situation where there is no vision hindrance?

Literally missing the point(and a few edges.)







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