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Counterpoint study shows sales for refurbished smartphones grew globally by 4 percent in 2020
A new study by Counterpoint research showed the sales for refurbished smartphones showed 4% global growth in 2020

Sales for refurbished smartphones grew globally by 4% in 2020

Sales for refurbished smartphones grew globally by 4% in 2020
Image Credits: Compareandrecycle

Counterpoint Research has published its perspectives on the global upgraded sales of smartphones for 2020 and 2021. The analysis included the global sales of renovated smartphones in 2020, with strong forecasts for 2021. However, you may check out our information about refurbished items after the post for those who are not aware of refurbished products.

In contrast to the first half of the year, research from Counterpoint revealed a 4 percent increase in global sales in the second half of 2020 for restored telephones. In 2020, the overall performance was also stronger than in 2019, which experienced a decrease in worldwide market volume.

The coronavirus pandemic caused considerable economic declines in several nations globally and severe employment losses in all areas. As is revealed by the counterpoint study, this might have helped to increase the patronage of reconditioned phones.

Counterpoint sees also substantial growth in 2020, especially during the second half of the year, in demand and supply of renovated smartphones. In all of the regions covered by the survey, resell volumes and trade-ins were seen to be increasing.

Counterpoint study shows sales growth for refurbished smartphones

Counterpoint study shows sales growth for refurbished smartphones
Image Credits: CounterPoint

Counterpoint research regions include the United States, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, India, and Africa. The average sales price of retrofitted Apple phones up to three times the average of other brands indicated a stronger brand preference over other secondary brands.

The growing desire for Apple phones was not affected by the wider upward handling of 5G technology by 150 mobile carriers in 70 countries as the figures provided by the Counterpoint Research show.

Research shows that the prognosis for 2021 remains positive internationally in the secondhand telephone industry. The average selling rates of secondary items, often substantially lower, might stimulate market demand for products. Simultaneously, supplies might have been pushed by several plausible reasons, including a decline in the global economy which has reduced consumer spending power.

What are refurbished products?

Refurbishment is the distribution to manufacturers or vendors of items (often of electronics) previously repatriated to them, not sold on the market or launched onto the market for different reasons. Refurbished items are usually inspected before they are offered to the public for functioning and faults. The original manufacturer will fix and resell them.

Why Refurbished products and what it’s the downside?

There is a simple explanation why people acquire upgraded technology rather than a fresh new gadget that saves money. However, it is also great to not send a device to the settlement. The difficulty is that refurbished items are not new and probably lived before they arrived. It may have been a brief life with few troubles, but not perhaps.

One of them was sufficient for the product to be re-sent and reworked, or for the time being, at least to ensure it was delivered. That everything transpired within the guarantee of the original product you may not obtain when providing a second opportunity to that product.

Another downside with refurbished products is that you may or may not get the original accessory for the product. You won’t get any sort of official company warranty for refurbished products.

Can I get a refurbished product in new condition?

Yes of course! An alternative called “like-new” (on Amazon you may find it) is available, but the items in this category are generally not in use and returned to Amazon owing to minor defects which are then repaired by professional technicians.

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