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Facebook and Instagram removed posts about abortion pills immediately after the Roe v. Wade decision

People attend an abortion-rights protest at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Source: Business Insiders

The supreme Judicature of the United States invalidated Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022, after which the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have begun to eliminate ads and content related to abortion pills posted on their platforms abruptly.

According to some news reports, some content that illustrated how a lady can purchase an aborticide via email without violating the government rules was eliminated from both Facebook and Instagram soon after the highest court of justice overruled the judgment.

The medicines mentioned in the posts were “mifepristone” and “misoprostol”. The former pill paused the hormone which is necessary for the growth of the fetus while the latter results in the expulsion of the fetal tissues from the uterus. These medicines however are also required for the treatment of Cushing disease and stomach ulcers.

It is still not understood what effect the invalidation of Roe v. Wade has on aborticides although there are thirteen provinces in the United States which have trigger laws prohibiting feticide. The Food and Drug Administration has licensed the usage of abortion pills for the initial 10 weeks of pregnancy while the ministry of the United States has removed the prohibition on these aborticide drugs getting ordered via emails in April last year.

As per reports a user posted on Instagram (after the judgment was overruled) writing that if someone is in need of these drugs but doesn’t want it to get delivered at their location they can message him so that it gets delivered on his residence was eliminated from the platform within seconds.

While a Facebook user who drafted a post saying that if anyone requires the aborticide drugs can text him and he will send it to them was blocked by the social media platform. The user told Vice that it was just a minute after he posted the statement on the platform that he received a notification saying that his post was discarded and a few minutes when he again tried to post it he received another notification saying that he is prohibited from posting on the platform.

When asked for a remark on the concerned matter Meta Inc indicated toward blog post of one of its representatives which read that any post that tries to purchase, put for sale, appeal, or donate any kind of drugs is prohibited from the platform as the corporation has come across some incidents of inappropriate imposition and now they are fixing them. The representative said this without making it clear what he meant by inappropriate impositions.



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