Facebook Announces Personalised Avatar Stickers For Holi Celebration

The festival of colors- Holi is around here. Although a maximum number of state governments have required a ban or limitations on Holi festivals, you can however keep the festival of colors by forwarding messages and stickers to your loved ones on social media platforms.

In the season of Holi, Facebook has started new Holi-themed avatar stickers. You can post these stickers in comments or messages to your friend and family on Facebook. To attach more extra colors to the conversations and joyful celebrations on the platform, Facebook has started Holi-themed Avatar stickers. You can now personalize your Avatars with Holi-themed stickers and get a Holi-themed Facebook avatar. 

The avatars can be created within the Facebook website/ app or the Messenger app. You can make avatars using the comment choice on either of the two apps.

How to create avatars: 

-In the comment segment, click on the ‘smiley key’

-Select the sticker tab.

-Now, click on the choice of ‘Create your avatar’.

The avatar maker can likewise be found in the Bookmarks segment of the Facebook application.

A Facebook user can custom-make an avatar according to their character. The avatars have an alternative of various skin tones to pick from, various hairstyles to pick from, options to customize your hair colors, eyes, mouth, face shape, tone, eyebrows, and makeup. This can all be done using your smartphone’s camera. 

The unique Holi stickers will arrive in the sticker library when you are sharing a post or commenting on Facebook posts, or while using Messenger. 

Facebook has said that in the past fourteen days, more than 4 million individuals in India have made over 6.6 million posts and remarks about Holi on Facebook.

With a lot of our social cooperation nowadays occurring on the network, it’s a higher priority than at any other time to have the option to communicate by and by on Facebook, the company said.

Google also has something fun designed for its users on the season of Holi, where they can throw colors all across the homepage on their desktop and smartphone.

To use the fun feature, simply explore the word ‘Holi’ or ‘Holi celebration’. With the search results, you will also notice three bowls of color that appear in the info card. You can throw the colors all over the homepage by simply hitting wherever you like.