Source: TechCrunch

Facebook plans on building a ‘metaverse’ in Europe, announces 10,000 jobs


Facebook Inc., the social media conglomerate has exceeded expectations when it comes to success in the technology industry. The company dominates a major portion of the technology sector with its wealth, power and dependency on businesses. Facebook’s business goes both ways, the consumer is heavily dependent on Facebook and its services and vice versa, which is actually true for all kinds of businesses. However, this popularity and growth gives it an upper hand in the market equation.

Anyhow, Facebook is turning heads towards a potential ‘metaverse’ which is some kind of a virtual world where the social media company is investing heavily. According to recent reports, the social media conglomerate has announced over 10,000 new employment opportunities in Europe to help build its metaverse.

If Facebook needs to build virtual worlds and is looking forward to becoming a ‘metaverse’ company as mentioned in a report by Engadget, it will require some serious manpower and not just common men/women, the company will need skilled and talented manpower.

Facebook has recently announced its plans to add over 10,000 jobs in the European Union, to begin with, its metaverse operations over five years to cater to its Virtual and Augmented Reality project. As noted by Engadget, the recruitment drive will hire employees from countries including Poland, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Ireland and Italy.

The European market is a powerful market with potential growth opportunities for Facebook. This move of adding job employment at this scale definitely shows the company’s economic strength that is ready to cater and contribute towards the European Union. This move will supposedly act as a vote of confidence within Europe to encourage Facebook is doing its business within the European technology sector. Facebook is a global company and it only makes sense if it covers the most important demographics.

Facebook’s strategy to partner with the European Union is termed as a practical investment in building public relations. Adding 10,000 jobs that the beginning of the metaverse project seems great but the European Union must realize that this number is only going to increase over time.

However, there is still a lot to learn about Facebook’s virtual world a.k.a. metaverse project and what it seems from all the reports, Facebook is changing its overall direction and this transition can take a couple of years to complete, of only Facebook keeps this a priority for the coming five years.