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Robert Kiyosaki sees a very bright future of Bitcoin, plans to buy more of it

The author of the famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, sees a very bright future of Bitcoin. He also talked about a giant stock market crash that could affect the crypto markets. Do note this could be another opportunity as Robert shares that he would like to buy more in the next pullback. As of now, Bitcoin’s price is at $62k, which is just a little away from its ATH. And we could just be at the beginning of the 2nd rally for BTC.

The bright future of Bitcoin

Robert has always been very optimistic about Bitcoin and its future. He said that “I love bitcoin because I do not trust the Fed, Treasury, or Wall Street.” It makes sense as the primary use of Bitcoin is to preserve and grow the value of your money with time. And the way the feds are printing money, it doesn’t seem possible without Bitcoin.

Robert sees a bright future of Bitcoin

Image Source: Reddit

Robert recently celebrated the price rise of Bitcoin as it rose above $60k. At the same time, he asked investors to be cautious as he was waiting for a pullback to invest more. Robert’s prediction on the stock market crash is also something that we should keep an eye on. The fact that he believes that a stock market crash could result in a crypto crash is fearsome. This is also the reason why he always focuses on buying the 3 most valuable assets to mankind, Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin.

The price action of Bitcoin

After a slight pullback from $63k to $60k, the price of Bitcoin is back above $62k again. At present we are seeing some resistance as the price slowly moves towards the ATH. This is because a lot of investors are expected to take profits here. At the same time, note that $60k is an important support for BTC right now. Things also seem bullish as we had 2 weekly candles close over $50,500. This reaffirms the strength of the rally and shows we are in for a good price movement upwards.

What are your thoughts on the bright future of Bitcoin as Robert says? And do you think we will move past the ATH this week? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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