Content Creators Mark Zuckerberg
Content Creators Mark Zuckerberg

Family sues Mark Zuckerberg After he gave $7,500 in the Case of the Hawaii Compound Security Guard’s Death.

The family of a security guard who worked at Mark Zuckerberg’s expansive Hawaiian property and passed away in 2019 is suing the internet mogul, claiming negligence and wrongful death, according to Hawaii News Now.

In August 2019, Rodney Medeiros, 70, had a heart attack while working as a part-time, seasonal security guard on the Koolau Ranch resort in Kauai owned by the Meta CEO, according to a lawsuit filed against Zuckerberg’s company, Pilaa Land, LLC.

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The 70-year-old retired worker from the sugar cane industry had been hired as a member of the social media government’s security division, where he was in charge of guarding the Pilaa beach, which was located at the base of a precipitous hill within their 1,412-acre property on Kauai.
According to the daughter of Medeiros, her father might be pushed to his station at the beginning of each shift and might be escorted back up the hill at the end.

“They would transport him to his post on a Kawasaki Mule. When his shift was complete, they would pick him up and bring him back up, according to Ziba Medeiros, who spoke to the local news source.

Ms. Medeiros noted that severe rain began on August 19 and by the end of his shift at 6 p.m., the road leading to her father had grown difficult to navigate with the vehicles on the property. As a result, the 70-year-old was forced to make the tiresome journey up the steep hill on foot.

It’s a cliff, Ms. Medeiros told the news source, emphasising that she’d been told “it drops on both sides.”

When a different security guard working for the Zuckerbergs noticed that his colleague had not returned from the bottom of the hill after some time had passed, he became concerned. When he went outside to look for Medeiros, he found him leaning up against a wall.