Fear Of Starting? 5 Ways To Transform Your Phobias Into Philias For A Successful Journey !

fear of starting businessImage Credits: prezeconsultoria.com

Anglophobia. Anglophilia. These two are antonyms, the first word meaning the fear of English and the second one meaning the love for English. While phobia means an irrational fear of something, philia means an undefinable liking towards something. Irrational because the fear has no solid reasons and is just a state of mind. Achievemephobia is the fear of success. Yup. That exists. It is basically prevalent in people who are so afraid of failing that they don’t have courage to want to be successful.

Those who are afraid of success, do not start anything new in order to avoid failure. They almost feel like they don’t deserve success. This is one of the symptom of low self esteem and low confidence. They care about people’s judgment and are too scared to make mistakes. They do not start anything new and follow the same protocols of works that would always keep them secure in their jobs. They are too afraid to take risks. But with proper guidance, psychological help and motivation, people can overcome the phobia of success.

1. Think positive

It’s not always easy to, but if you try to keeps positive thoughts in your mind, then a lot of things in your life would become easy. A positive outlook kept everyday can make small changes in your career and even personal life.

2. Make mistakes

Yes, you are allowed to make mistakes and it does not matter is somebody judges you for them. It’s okay for people to judge others, it’s okay to make mistakes. What really matters is how you work after the mistake has been made and change things to become better. It’s important to get up after you fall down.

3. Take your time

While outsiders can say that it’s easy to not be scared of failure, it is fine to take your own time to deal with the fear. Just make sure that it’s not too late.

4. Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst

Success takes time. Sometimes, it may not come even after repeated efforts. Overnight success if a rare, almost impossible thing. So be mentally prepared for failure. But put in your best efforts in your work.

5. Start something new

There’s a chance you will fail. There’s a chance that nobody would like it. But there’s always a chance that you will create something amazing. So take that risk that you are afraid of. Put your plans into action.

Having said all these, I still know that it’s difficult to overcome a fear. Take psychological help. There’s nothing wrong in visiting a shrink. And know that there’s something more to you than you allow it to be.