Finally, Netflix has released its more inexpensive, ad-supported subscription option

After months of rumors, Netflix has finally launched its less expensive, advertisement-supported subscription plan. The Basics with Adverts plan will be offered in the following countries: Brazil, Australia, France, Canada, Italy, Germany, Korea, Korea, Spain, the UK, and the United States.

Due to Netflix’s existing low-cost mobile-only monthly package, which costs just Rs 179 per month, India is not included in the list.

The addition of Netflix’s new Basics with Ads plan won’t affect the company’s current lineup of subscriptions, according to a previous statement from the company.

Access to a vast selection of excellent TV shows and movies, a customised viewing experience, and availability on various TV and mobile devices are all the Netflix Basic with Ads plan features.

However, the Basic with Advert plan’s video quality will be set to 720p/HD. If that interests you, there are typically 4 to 5 minutes of advertisements per hour.

Due to license limitations, a select few movies and TV shows won’t be available to Basic with Advert subscribers. Additionally, no titles will be available for download by users.


The Basic with Ads plan is highly comparable to all of the current Netflix plans, despite being less expensive. The only thing that could turn you off is a few interstitial commercials. Visit and sign up using your email, birthdate, and gender to start your subscription to the new plan.

Netflix advertisements will be beneficial for the sponsors too

According to Netflix, the strategy involving advertisements is also a significant benefit for the sponsors. As per a press statement from the firm, “Basic with Adverts also represents an exciting opportunity for advertisers – the chance to reach a diverse audience, including younger viewers who increasingly don’t watch linear TV, in a premium environment with a seamless, high-resolution adverts experience,” 

Ads can be annoying, especially if you are watching an exciting show or movie, but Netflix claims that the commercials will only last 15 or 30 seconds and will play before and throughout shows and films.