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Financial advisory company Betterment is planning to offer long term crypto investments

As people start to understand Bitcoin, the investment in the asset has also started to increase. More firms are joining in to invest in cryptocurrency, some for the short term while others for a long period. And now, a financial advisory company, Betterment, is planning to offer long term crypto investments. The company has about $30 billion in assets under management that makes it quite a big firm.

Plans of the company

Betterment is planning to offer long term crypto services

Image Source: Betterment.com

There has been a growing interest among investors and customers to buy crypto. So, the CEO of the company says that they want to give the customers of their company a medium to add cryptocurrencies to their portfolio. She understands that the market is volatile in the short term, and there can be ups and downs; therefore, Betterment is in for the long term. The CEO further added that he likes crypto and considers it to be an asset class.

Betterment could also plan some way to educate their customers about crypto and its benefits. And since the CEO herself understands that it is a long term bet rather than a short term gamble, Betterment could also come up with something awesome. As of now, the company is trying to learn more about crypto and understand it better. The CEO said that they are currently not in the position to offer crypto investments to their customers.

Why does Bitcoin investment seem risky to many?


Bitcoin is highly volatile, and hence not planning investments properly could lead to a huge loss in the short term. The portfolios of big investors could go to half or even less than their value before the investment. It is quite an investment for anyone willing to hold long term, but the uninformed could make rash decisions during a market crash. And the banks and firms would lose a lot of money due to that.

Hence almost all firms that are offering crypto services or are planning to are treading with caution. This includes limiting the exposure, only allowing high net worth clients to invest in it and also not allowing any other crypto except Bitcoin and at max Ethereum.

What are your thoughts on the Finacial advisory company Betterment planning to offer long term crypto investments? And do you think that they will start the services soon? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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