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First ever metaverse fashion week to be held on Decentraland

From March 24 to 27, the virtual universe Decentraland will host the first Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW), the biggest virtual fashion event to date. Around 70 brands, artists and designers have been confirmed, including major names such as Dolce&Gabbana, Etro, Tommy Hilfiger, Cavalli and IKKS. FashionNetwork provides you a simple step-by-step guide and an overview of the virtual venues hosting the events.


Credits: Techopedia

Big fashion houses have already made it clear that they are gearing up for virtual fashion in the metaverse, and many of them have already been making and selling NFT clothing.  We expect that more details of the fashion week line-up will be announced soon after Decentraland tweeted out for ‘designers, brands and fashionistas.’

We can’t wait to see exactly how this one of a kind fashion x metaverse event pans out, and see how the fashion world will continue to approach and adapt within the metaverse!

Decentraland’s MVFW offers some key insights into how the fashion metaverse is playing out. Set up to be the virtual home of global fashion weeks, this inaugural event offers brands an environment to trial the technology of a 3D virtual world platform in a relatively low-risk manner.

Decentraland is notable as one of the few prominent open metaverse platforms, in addition to the Sandbox, and a number of investors have already bought plots of land in anticipation of building shopping-centric areas.


Credits: MoneyControl

Virtual avatars will be walking the runways, some of which will be shoppable and wearable, meaning people can wear the digital items in Decentraland, and some collections will have a physical twin.

For example, a person visiting MVFW might buy a digital item via an NFT and wear it instantly on their avatar; they can choose to sell that item or keep it and redeem the NFT to also receive the brand’s physical complement. (Not all brands will have a physical component.) While visiting a virtual store, they might scan a QR code to see a realistic-looking 3D render of the item pop up in their physical space at home, via a smartphone camera.

Anyone can attend MVFW, but to buy a wearable, they’ll need an Ethereum wallet. Most events will be open-access, but some brands have enquired about VIP access or front-row seats, which could be used to reward current NFT owners with special access or free items. Beyond purchase capabilities, the look and feel matters — what makes fashion shows special in person is the set design, soundtrack and overall atmosphere.



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