Flipkart is offering eye catching deals for Samsung Galaxy S22+
Flipkart is offering eye catching deals for Samsung Galaxy S22+ Image Credits: Samsung

Flipkart is offering eye catching deals for Samsung Galaxy S22+
Get in hands with the new Samsung Galaxy S22+ smartphone for lowest ever pricing from Flipkart:

On the 1st of February, we got to see two things happening in parallel. As you might all be following the headline, where we got to see the new and latest Samsung Galaxy S23 flagships making their way to launch and soon after the launch, as usual we also got to see the previous models of the S lineup, especially the S22 series seeing a big price drop so that it can align well with the market pricing. Here, the attractive price slash was seen within the Galaxy S22+ flagship.

If you’ve been contemplating purchasing a new flagship? Then perhaps these new deals from Samsung will assist you to make an update that you won’t regret and that too without spending a lot of money. Let’s investigate what Flipkart is giving for the Samsung Galaxy S22 + model in more detail.

Samsung Galaxy S22+ – Flipkart offers 

As we previously said, the price decrease for these S22 flagships, particularly the S22+ smartphone, was observed immediately following the release of the Galaxy S23 models. You may now be asking what the potential differences between the S22+ and S23+ may be. And, starting in 2023, will it be worthwhile to choose an older model? We have thus provided you with all the clarifications you want here.

First, let’s look at the price. As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy price +’s has been placed on the high end. To get a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S23+ in India, you may need to spend up to Rs. 94,999, which is much more than the device’s launch price of Rs. 84,999.

However, if you visit the Flipkart website, you can notice that this Galaxy S22+ smartphone can be purchased for about Rs. 41,000, which is less than half of its original launch price. What’s this? You would receive a price reduction of about Rs. 43,000 in this case.

Even though the e-commerce giant is offering this phone for Rs. 69,999, which is still significantly less than the S23+ model, if you have a good-condition smartphone to trade in, you may be eligible for discounts worth an additional Rs. 15,000, depending on the model and condition of your smartphone.

Additionally, you can receive additional discounts by using Axis Bank cards, particularly credit cards. In reality, Flipkart has promised to provide owners of Axis Bank credit cards an additional 10% discount. Therefore, it may be utilized to further reduce the price of this smartphone!