Dell Alienware Aurora R15 Launched In India
Dell Alienware Aurora R15 Launched In India Image Credits: Digital Terminal

Dell Alienware Aurora R15 Launched In India
Dell has officially launched their new premium gaming desktops, Alienware Aurora R15 in India:

Indian giant, Dell has launched their new gaming series desktop within the Indian gaming desktop market. It’s none other than the new futuristic-looking Alienware Aurora R15 Desktop Series. For the people who aren’t aware! Alienware is among the premium gaming lineup provided by Dell. Here, you get all of the premium features combined with a premium-looking as well as durable design.

We already have a large number of Alienware laptops and desktops from Dell, which have a strong reputation and market position. Resuming our discussion about the new Alienware Aurora R15 Gaming Desktop line.

In this case, the corporation decided to supply all of the power, making it one of the most potent computers in its series. Here, you will receive the power of the better Intel Core 13 generation CPU, which will once more be coupled with the most recent Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU built in.

Along with all of this, you also get the most recent Dell Legend 2.0 features, which include an improved cabinet design for this Aurora gaming computer, ensuring that customers will experience greater cooling and gaming performance. What features does the Dell Aurora provide for gaming? What are the prices in India? Here, you will find all the information you require:

Dell Alienware Aurora R15 Desktop Series – Specification and Features 

For this Dell Alienware Aurora R15 Desktop, the manufacturer of desktops and laptops, Dell, has introduced two distinct versions, again with high-end and lower-end models. When it comes to the more expensive variant, the most recent Intel Core i9-13900 KF CPU and the potent Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU will be working together to give you maximum power.

There is more going on than just that! With this desktop, you also get quicker RAM and storage. The business states that it can deliver DDR5 RAM with a high clock speed of up to 32GB and quicker internal SSD storage with a maximum capacity of 512GB.

The Alienware Legend 2.0 Design, which features a newly designed cabinet with hexagonal-shaped vents on the sides to improve the system’s ventilation, is what makes this new gaming desktop series so eye-catching.

Dell has put a lot of effort into making this desktop as efficient as possible by improving cooling performance with the aid of its most recent Cryo-tech liquid cooling technology, which will operate in tandem with the new 240MM heat exchanger as well.

If we move to the performance side, here Aurora R15 gaming desktop series will be of course getting the support of ray tracing technology, and that too in 4K. Also, Dell is promising that their new desktop will be capable enough to provide 60+ FPS of gaming. You also get support for the latest NVIDIA DLSS 3 AI Tech and the NVIDIA Reflex Technology.

Dell Alienware Aurora R15 Desktop Series – What’s the Price?

In terms of price, you receive all the premium features in addition to the premium-looking appearance, therefore you must also pay a premium price. So, in order to get your hands on the brand-new Alienware Aurora R15 desktop, you will need to fork up Rs. 5,49,990.