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FLOKI turns heads on Twitter yet again

With crypto around, there is never a dull moment in Twitter town. Each day, there will be at least one cryptocurrency that will proudly occupy the trending list on Twitter. And this time the spotlight is shining bright on FLOKI which has been running high on social media attention ever since its launch. And now with the new year finally here, FLOKI followers are rather optimistic about owning the year. We will have to wait and see if the whole “new year, new me” idea works out for this meme coin.


The What and Why

When it comes to crypto, a particular reason is barely a pre-requisite for a coin to grace the trending list. However, FLOKI has been under the radar of attention for quite some time now as more and more investors are beginning to see a potential in the meme coin and aren’t shying away from investing in the same. Like the Floki Inu enthusiasts are clamoring on Twitter, perhaps this might be the year FLOKI might actually reach the moon. You never know when the crypto roller coaster can change for the better (or for the worse). And let’s not forget the impact Musk’s rather offhanded tweets about his pet dog, Floki has on the price of the crypto. Musk names his dog and there is an equal and opposite reaction happening right there in the crypto world. Whether it is a curse or a blessing is a question for another time.

Although Floki Inu started off as a meme coin, its makers are adept at emphasizing that it is cut for a deeper purpose. In a tumultuous crypto world that is shaken every now and then by volatility, perhaps “deeper purpose” is a strong enough anchor that will help the coin to not lose balance. And if the website is right, then, “FLOKI is the people’s cryptocurrency.” Let’s not delve into the question of whether people actually know this fact.

Trending On Twitter

This is not the first time FLOKI is trending on Twitter. The fact that both FLOKI and Binance are trending simultaneously has piqued the attention of a good majority of Twitter users who are eager to find or rather create deeper meanings. Another reason for the meme coin trending on Twitter might be the recent investment made in FLOKI by a crypto whale. Or perhaps, the FLOKI supports might be just in the mood to give a shoutout on the new year. Let us take a look.



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