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For the first time, Bitcoin passes $30000

This is for the first time; bitcoin passes the $30000 mark. It hit a new record high of $2,779.09 on the Bit-stamp exchange. And this has led the investors to believe that it will be one of the successful payment methods in the future.



Best of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin

Early Saturday, the World’s most leading cryptocurrency saw a trade that was $31,824. In the first weekend of 2021, this particular trade made the headlines of leading News firms. Moreover, cryptocurrency leaped 300% in 2020.

The micropayment technology is very new, and in the last decade, it saw some significant demands in the US territories. This is because of their ability to get quick gain and rising markets, and it is predicted that it could be a means of a mainstream payment method soon. Added to this, investors say that reducing the digital money supply has resulted in tremendous success. Data mining in computers to solve mathematical puzzles has led Bitcoin to reach this mark.

Some also say that investing in Bitcoin in the pandemic is similar to finding a gold mine.

The debate in the Wall Street

The success of cryptocurrency has led investors to debate Bitcoin vs. Gold on Wall Street. Gold has been one of the safe and secure investments so far, but bitcoins’ success has led to a question otherwise. The family- offices are selling their gold- funds to invest in the cryptocurrencies. Several banks have started responding to the digital method and reduction in the use of cash. 

Facebook has also made some moves on its interest in creating its digital unit. In addition to this event, bankers have started exploring digital applications vastly. Furthermore, debates like are bitcoins money, commodity, or assets have come up. This is a serious concern because when people invest, it is essential to know how much profit they will make in a certain amount of time. Investing and not getting a proper interest is a scam.

Future of cryptocurrency

In the year 2013, Bitcoins first excelled $1000 mark globally. Since then, it is creating new records every year, making it one of the hottest means of investment. It has been the means of attraction for different financial investors and business personnel. Now, it seems it is one of the most promising investments other than Gold. Some say it may one day overcome the shares of Gold.

Blockchain technology is one of the hottest trends and it is gaining fame worldwide. What are your views on Blockchain technology? What do you think about the future of bitcoins? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content helpful do like and share it with your friends.

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