Ford delivers 201 F-150 Lightning units as it highlights 221% increase in EV sales

Ford EV sales increase by 221% in May as F-150 Lightning deliveries started
Compared to the same month last year, Ford has substantial increase in EV sales

Ford recently started deliveries of F-150 Lightning. Last month, there was a total of 201 unit deliveries of the new F-140 Lightning electric pickup. This is a 221.5 percent increase in EV sales when compared with the sales last year in the same month. These are notable numbers because Ford started deliveries on May 26th.

Ford delivers 201 F-150 Lightning units as it highlights 221% increase in EV sales
Image credits- CNET

Many more deliveries are expected to happen in the following months. The transit to dealers continues as deliveries are ramping up. It is said that around 74 percent of F-150 Lightning reservation holders are first-time customers of Ford. Many customers are also sharing reviews online about their experience with vehicle usage. Recently a user shared towing capacity of the vehicle, where other details were included too. Though the range and speed are compromised, overall the vehicle gives a smooth ride.

Last year, Ford along with other automakers faced a shortage issue, and it still continues. Despite that, Ford appears to have a good start compared to Rivian and GMC EV Hummer. Rivian continues to have production capacity issues, while GMC EV Hummer was spotted in January without any details known. Other automakers are yet to start production and deliveries of EV electric pickups.

Production issues

Despite a strong start, the production issues are well known in the industry. Ford saw a decrease of 4.5 percent in total vehicle sales and around 5.7 percent in retail sales decrease. This is compared to the May 2021 sales. Furthermore, VP of Sales, Distribution, and Trucks of Ford Blue, Andrew Frick talks about the semiconductor shortage issue.

Frick said, “While the global semiconductor chip shortage remains an issue for the industry, our inventory continues to turn at record rates with nearly 50 percent of our retail sales coming from previously placed orders.” Then further added, “Our newest models, including Bronco, Bronco Sport, and Maverick, continue to enhance our sales volume. Our electric vehicle sales, with the addition of F-150 Lightning this month, increased 222 percent – growing at almost four times the rate of the industry.”

In addition to the electric pickup, the Mustang Mach-E sales have added to the total EV sales. The vehicle made a new monthly sales record with a 166 percent increase compared to May 2021. A total of 874 units sold by Ford in May were from its electric lineup. On Thursday Ford announced its plans to invest $3.7 billion in new projects- including electric and combustion engine projects. The investment will also be made to launch a new gas-powered Mustang and Ranger pickup. A part of the investment is to update its plants in Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio. These plants will be equipped with the necessary equipment to manufacture EVs.