Ford Dealer Memo: $25K Fine for Selling F-150 Lightning Demos Early

Ford warns dealers to ensure F-150 Lightning roll-out without a hitch

As the Ford F-150 Lightning roll-out comes near, the automaker is taking measures to ensure it happens without a hitch. It warns dealers of a $25,000 fine if the vehicles were to be rolled out before the decided date. Dealers usually send out demo units to customers early on under the “Ford Courtesy Transportation Program” (FCTP).

Ford Dealer Memo: $25K Fine for Selling F-150 Lightning Demos Early
Image credits- Autobody News

The memo, which was shared by the F-150 Lightning Forum team, indicated that dealers would be receiving one Lightning all-electric pickup truck starting mid-May. The trim and specs of the demo units would be determined by Ford, however.  “With the launch of the 22MY F-150 Lightning, Ford is implementing a new F-150 Lightning FCTP Mannequin program. This program will permit dealers to receive one unit of F-150 Lightning allocation ahead of customer order fulfillment.

“This program leverages the FCTP platform but is designed to help maximize quality at launch and also provide EV Certified Dealers a vehicle to serve as an on lot demonstration unit for interested customs who want to experience and drive an F-150 Lightning,” the memo read. Ford shared some stern reminders with its dealers in its recent memo. The automaker warned dealers that selling demo units to customers too early would have serious repercussions, such as a hefty $25,000 fine and a blacklist from future FCTP programs.

Ford warns its dealers
Image credits- Teslarati, Ford Forum

The penalty

As per the memo, Ford dealers are required to fulfill in-service requirements for their respective Lightning demo vehicles. The memo clarified that the minimum in-service period for the vehicles would be six months (180 days), with no mileage requirement.

“The sale of any F-150 Lightning FCTP Mannequin unit to a final customer prior to meeting all in-service requirements will result in a penalty of $25,000 unless the FCTP Mannequin unit can be replaced with another F-150 Lightning within 90 days. It will also result in the unit being ineligible for any retail bonus cash incentives and chargeback of any FCTP 30/60/90/120 Day incentives and will result in dealer ineligibility for future FCTP Mannequin programs,” Ford noted.

The memo was related to Ford’s Courtesy Transportation Program (FCTP), which is the company’s unit that provides demo cars to dealerships. The memo states that Ford will send one electric truck demo unit to each dealer beginning in the middle of this month. Not long ago, we shared that Ford threatened to stop sending inventory to dealers that participate in price gouging. Ford has made it very clear it’s following Tesla’s lead in more ways than one. If it could do away with its dealer network for EV sales.