2021 F1 cars

Formula 1 Reveals Three Design Concepts for 2021

Formula 1 concept 2021

Formula 1 was working on changing the design of the cars for a long time and finally, it has released three shortlisted design concepts that can become reality in 2021. The three concepts give us an idea of how the F1 cars will look like in the future.

Though F1 cars are all about speed and downforce, looks of the cars cannot be ignored and that’s what they have focused on this time. “As time has gone on, another of the primary objectives was to make great looking cars. We want cars that look better than what you see in a video game, cars that kids want to have up on their walls. At each stage, as we have been evolving the car, we’ve had someone we are working with create a graphic representation artist to give us a feel of what the car could look like,” said Formula 1 motorsport boss, Ross Brawn.

2021 F1 cars

That does not mean that the aerodynamics and downforce of the cars are given any lesser priority. In fact, the designers are working on the loss of downforce the car faces when it comes close to another car at the front while trying to overtake.

“Once the cars get within a few car lengths of each other, they lose 50% of their downforce. That’s a substantial amount of performance lost. So, we set about understanding why that was and how we can improve it. I’m pleased to say we’re at about 80%.” Brawn added. If they can achieve this, we will see much more close overtaking actions in the future.

All the three concepts finalized by the F1 have different characters and unique from each other. Have a look at the designs:

F1 car concept 2021
2021 F1 car design
2021 Formula 1 car concept

Source: Formula 1