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French gaming giant Gameloft partners with Winzo

French gaming company Gameloft has partnered with local gaming platform WinZO Games in Delhi to expand its reach and monetize its games in regional markets. The French company declared that Gameloft will gain access to multiple features of the WinZO platform, suchlike as streaming, game formats, and the in-app commerce platform of the WinZO Store, to boost proceeds from its successful racing game Asphalt 9. Gameloft will leverage WinZO’s userbase of over 65 million to expand its reach and monetization in the Indian market. By leveraging WinZO buyers who are mainly in Indian tier 2 to tier 5 markets and prefer video games in languages other than English, Gameloft will be able to build its own consumer base.

Gameloft partners with Winzo

Credit @ Gameloft

Social gaming company WinZO has revealed a collaboration with French global gaming titan Gameloft to help them grow their reach and increase yield in the Indian gaming market. Gameloft is a French game publisher operating from Paris. Ubisoft co-founder Michel Guillemot founded the company in December 1999. Gameloft currently operates around 19 game development studios all over the globe and produces games for the mobile platform.

Gameloft is a global contributor to informal gaming and has over 150 highly rated titles like Asphalt 9, as well as several motion and racing video games that have received over 1.2 billion downloads worldwide. Gameloft has over 150 games in its portfolio with over 1.2 billion downloads worldwide.

WinZO will be providing platform features such as game formats, WinZO stores, and streaming to increase Asphalt 9’s revenue. The collaboration predates WinZO’s recent association with another casual games company rested in France, Voodoo, to bring two of its most popular games, Crowd City and Dune, to the platform.

Gameloft partners with Winzo

Credit @ Winzo

Gameloft, for further distribution in deeper parts of the country, will attract WinZO users in Indian markets from level 2 to level 5, 80% of which use games in languages other than English. Gameloft will benefit from WinZO users based in Level 2 to Level 5 Indian Markets, 80% of whom purchase video games in languages other than English, for further expansion into deeper parts of the country.

India accounts for 12%, or over 150 million people, of Gameloft’s downloads, but certainly accounts for less than 0.6% of global corporate revenues, making it a high potential but underutilized market. ” As part of this collaboration, WinZO will also offer features such as streaming, game codecs, and WinZO Retailer on its platforms to boost Asphalt 9’s revenue”. “With our strong market presence and deep experience in local markets, WinZO can help Gameloft,” said Paavan Nanda, CEO of WinZO.

WinZo is known for its innovative micro-transaction model, which has been successful in arising regions similar to India. Compared with games, the propensity to consume in emerging markets such as India is significantly lower. WinZo is working hard to develop the Indian gaming ecosystem through which it recently announced the launch of The Gaming Lab in collaboration with major investor Kalaari Capital and its $20 million Game Developer Fund-III independent fund.




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