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From VR to Cashless Payment: 4 Technological Aspects of the Online Casino Industry

In the last decade, technology has come a long way. Online casinos are a perfect example of how we can improve not only the quality of our lives by using it right, but also make the entire process much easier and simpler. Today, we’ll be looking at how 4 different technologies of the recent times have come together intertwined to form a pastime activity that’s now very much prominent across a wide range of demographics – online gambling.

1. VR

Virtual reality takes the original casino experience as a basis and brings it up a notch. Although it requires wearing a pair of VR glasses (at the time, these are not exactly affordable to get), the realism this brings is well worth the investment. Compared to staring at the screen and looking at graphics and images of various shapes, sizes, and colors, a VR headset throws you straight into the heat of the action. In no time, you’ll find yourself transported straight to Las Vegas if you choose to and hang out with the big boys. Even something as trivial as going to the bar will feel so real.

2. Cyber security

Once you’ve managed to get your feet wet by trying out the games with play money, the next logical step is to make a deposit. In the process, you’re going to have to reveal your payment details (whether you like it or not). Not only does the casino have to make sure that the sensitive data arrives to its intended destination without getting intercepted somewhere along the way, but also that it’s stored in a manner that is safe and secure by using encryption. On top of that, there’s also the burden of having to keep the platform free of cheaters and automated bots, but that’s a story for another occasion.

3. Mobile optimization

The players can now take the whole experience with them no matter where they go, as long as there is an internet connection available (even to a remote island if need be). You can go through the Casino Market yourself to see how many of them offer a flawless mobile experience (the answer is: a lot). Since so many people spend their days glued to their smartphones, providing a flawless experience on mobile is a must for developers and casino operators alike. That not only goes for the casino apps themselves, but also for the web version of whatever games the platform happens to be hosting.

4. Cashless payment

Ranging from Paypal and all the way to Visa, Skrill, and other payment providers and processors, depositing funds into the online casino is child’s play. While some keep the options on a more basic level than others, most online casinos go out of their way to remove any barriers to playing and make depositing as easy as possible. In addition to that, almost no day goes by without seeing a new Bitcoin casino appear from nowhere. These are especially popular among the tech-savvy crowd that tends to go to great lengths to protect one’s anonymity and sensitive payment information.


That technologies that go into creating a modern experience are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Who knows where we’ll end up a couple of years down the road.



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