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How to Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without His Knowing?How

In this day and age the use of mobile phones is the most integral part of anyone’s life. Even so, if you find that your partner or boyfriend is spending more than the normal time on his cell phone, things can become quite troublesome. Your loved one may start to become distracted or even become distant, in such cases it might be wise to figure out where or not there are other factors at play or whether it was all ill suspicion.

In such situations it can become quite a certain requirement to figure out how to track someone’s activity. Questions like how to read my boyfriend’s text messages or how to monitor messages might become more and more important.

The solution for such a problem is now available in the shape of spying apps. The best and most trusted app of that category is definitely Minspy. Tech Radar and Digital trends are just some of the many platforms to give a positive Minspy Review.

What is Minspy?

Minspy is one of the world’s leading spyware applications which is also 100% legal. The list of its plaudits goes on and this app has enjoyed millions of downloads in over a hundred countries worldwide. This is the best choice for spying on text messages.

In situations like this, delicacy is absolutely key. Minspy offers complete secrecy in your spying with its stealth feature so you can rest easy knowing that your spying is unnoticed. You can spy on any Android or iOS device remotely; the app does not require any technical knowledge to operate. The app allows for the customer to monitor all kinds of ingoing and outgoing messages, even those on social media platforms.

Minspy does however require for the target device to be connected to the internet. Without online connectivity, there are no updates provided. The app also does its best not to get detected with its stealth mode and does not put a strain on the device’s battery either. You can read a detailed Minspy Review.

Some of the best features are:

  • Text Message monitoring
  • Social Media message monitoring
  • Social media file monitoring
  • Call logs
  • Location Tracking
  • Stealth mode
  • Works without any need for root or jailbreak on the target device

As you can clearly see Minspy is more than just a text message spy app, it will offer the user way more than just those features. All of the provided features have one thing in common; they work to alleviate the stress that can be caused by secrets kept by your loved ones.

How to Read Boyfreind’s Text messages with Minspy

There are a few very easy, minimum time consuming tasks which are required to be performed before the text message monitoring may begin. The process will take only 2-5 minutes tops.

Step 1

The user will have to set up a Minspy account on the apps website. Over there you will fill out a form, provide some details and pay an amount according to the monitoring package you wish to subscribe for.

Step 2

The procedure for Android and iOS devices differs in the following way;

  •  For Android Devices

After setting up an account, you will be given a very small file to download and install on your target device. This is important, as android devices cannot be monitored remotely without it. The file is only about 2 Mb in size. The file is not noticeable and will not be seen by anyone, so rest easy.

  •  For Apple iOS devices

Apple devices are way easier to set up for Minspy. Everything is easily done remotely without physical access to the device you want to monitor. All you need is the cloud storage credentials of the device so that you can sync your Minspy account to the device..

After you have successfully finished the two steps above, you will have completed the process to set up the Minspy app. Once your task is finished, the app can be removed from your boyfriend’s phone remotely in the case of iOS. The app will take a few minutes to start giving updates on a regular basis.

Step 3

Now that all the above steps have been taken care of, you can start your text message monitoring. It will be really easy to read your boyfriend’s text messages on all social media platforms as well as standard text messages. You can catch him in the act or free him of any suspicion on your end.

All of the above as well as many other features can be easily and effectively monitored from any web browser you login your Minspy account from. The dashboard will allow you to navigate through all the various spy options and provide you with constant updates.

Minspy has been one of the best Spy apps over the past year mainly due to its excellent monitoring features as well as it developing a great deal of customer satisfaction. The results have been solid.


Through Minspy a user will be able to track a boyfriend’s text messages, social media activity as well as tracking his location. You can now take control of the situation you find yourself in and catch an unfaithful partner easily. Though there are other considerable options in the form of Cocospy and Spyic, Minspy still takes the lead.

We hope now your question of how to read my boyfriend’s text messages has been answered in our brief Minspy review above. The app will protect you, your secrecy as well as your integrity from a bad relationship.



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