FTX's former US president raising money for new crypto startup 
FTX's former US president raising money for new crypto startup 

FTX’s former US president raising money for new crypto startup 

Brett Harrison, Who was The former President of the US subsidiary of the cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX. Harrison Is seemed to be moved on from his past employment speculation into the FTX platform and has been working on Building a New Crypto startup. Brett Harrison Has been seen in recent rounds of funding for raising money for his new startup.

Brett Harrison was once a high-ranking executive at an FTX platform has decided to move on all the speculations and impositions at the FTX platform. Although the FTX platform was Seem to be misusing the user’s and investor’s funds during its bankruptcy protection proceedings. But Brett Harrison left the FTX platform just Some weeks before the FTX platform filed for bankruptcy proceedings and all the elevations of customers misused the platform.

According to recent reports from the news aggregator platform, the information  Brett Harrison has been involved in the conversation with some investors for creating a new cryptocurrency startup to work in the cryptocurrency and crypto trading market again after the experience of working with the FTX platform.

Who is Brett Harrison?

Brett Harrison is a technology greek and has been previously working in some technological profiles in US companies. Harrison Had spent approximately two years in the Citadel securities company where he has been handling the Citadel securities ETF Technologies during their initial days and later on he became the head of semi-systematic technology at Citadel securities. Before working with Citadel Technologies Harrison was also working with Headlands Technologies as a senior software developer. Harrison was working for 7 years in a quantitative trading firm, at Jane Street where he was first introduced to the former CEO of FTX. 

FTX's former US president raising money for new crypto startup 
source : coindesk.com

Harrison Is looking for approximately $6 million in its investment rounds and he has been evaluating his new crypto company to $6 million as per the Reports published by the information platform.

Harrison Head left the cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX US in September. In this manner, he was able to successfully leave the Cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX before its collapse and bankruptcy proceedings. Unlike Sam Bankamn or Carolin Ellison, Harrison left the FTX company before any mishappening at FTX company he is not considered to be guilty of any type of inappropriate use of the FTX platform.

As Harrison saw the news of the collapse of this FTX platform he tweeted that she was surprised and saddened to see this news on the 8th of November. The collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX has created a Domino effect and some other major cryptocurrency companies like BlockFi and Gemini were also affected by the fall of FTX company.