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Fusion, A Wearable Automated Knapsack With Remote Controlled Arms

These are for Cooperative ‘Hands On’ Undertakings

6th September, 2018

Specialists at Embodied Media have made Fusion, a genuinely wonderful wearable automated rucksack that games an advantageous combine of arms that can be controlled by a remote administrator (body surrogacy) for joint effort over any separation. The Fusion can likewise be conveniently utilized in those circumstance where an additional body is required, yet nobody else is near.

“Fusion” empowers body surrogacy by having a similar perspective of two-man: a surrogate and an administrator, and it expands the appendages portability and activities of the administrator utilizing two automated arms mounted on the surrogate body. These arms can be utilized freely of the surrogate arms for community oriented situations or can be connected to surrogate’s arms to be utilized in remote helping and supporting situations.

(Image:- laughingsquid.com)



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