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Future Jobs You Must Know About

The earliest revolution in the way we work came about with the First Industrial Revolution. Today, three more industrial revolutions later, one can only imagine the pace with which the world is evolving. Every sector of the economy is affected by advancements in technology and the changing nature of work. Naturally, massive changes in the job market of the future will arise. Job vacancies of the future will also look different. Here are some future jobs you must know about.

Software/App Development

No other era in history has ever seen as many tech gadgets as of ours. The hardware of such devices depends upon the software that gives them life. Hence, it is no matter of dispute that the future will be brim with demand for talented and qualified software and app developers. After all, the majority of people spend several hours a day on their smartphones and specifically on different mobile applications. If you’re an aspiring software developer looking for relevant job vacancies, connect with an experienced recruitment agency such as Randstad India to find your dream job.

Data Analysis

The amount of data generated and collected by companies is increasing leaps and bounds. Thus, there will be a need for experts that can make sense of the swathes of data and extract valuable insights from it. Job vacancies for data analysts that can use data to identify patterns and predict future possibilities will grow in number. If you’re looking for data analyst job vacancies, look no further than Randstad, India’s most trusted recruitment agency.

Digital Marketing

Today’s business landscape, be it physical or virtual, is bombarded with companies, their products and services, and advertisement strategies, all competing to lock consumers’ attention. As a result, the need for skilled digital marketers, including expert content creators that can juxtapose storytelling with strategic marketing, is rising and will continue to increase. Job vacancies in the digital marketing space, such as video editors, SEO analysts, content creators, ad specialists, SMO consultants, social media marketers, etc. are expected to bloom in the future.

Food Engineering

As the world’s population burgeons, food supply remains largely constant. Naturally, a gap exists that must be filled through the use of technology. Job vacancies for food engineers will arise; food engineers will need to devise ways to speed up growth and yield of products. They will also be required to create new bio-meat products that are tastier, cheaper, and more sustainable than meat, especially given a growing vegan movement around the world.

The nature of work and the scope of job vacancies in different industries will continue to evolve till the end of time. What is important is identifying such trends and adding to your skill set to remain relevant in a dynamic job market.



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