How useful pursuing an MBA in the oil and gas industry can be?

The energy sector has been seeing some profound changes in terms of business development and exploration. This fast-paced competition is forcing all organisations to concentrate on developing strong management competencies related to the oil and gas sector.

Are you are one of those aspiring candidates keen on achieving lucrative job roles within the oil and gas industry? Look through this blog to learn about the advantages of having an MBA oil and gas degree under your belt.

What will you learn from an MBA Oil and Gas programme?

An MBA Oil and Gas course is designed to provide students with management training with special emphasis on the oil and gas industry. This gives students the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised Masters of Business Administration qualification in a unique field of business. The course curriculum of this programme teaches students about the following key elements of the oil and gas business sector:
1. Business strategy;
2. Executive leadership;
3. International marketing;
4. Oil and gas finance and risk management;
5. Optimising operations and research methods;
6. Information management;
7. Business innovation projects.

Advantages of pursuing an MBA Oil and Gas
1. It gives you the confidence to operate across all areas of the oil and industry;
2. It instils in you the ability to lead, think and act more strategically;
3. You become more aware of your personal strengths and the opportunities for improvement;
4. You are capable of applying your knowledge into real-world issues;
5. You will develop an understanding of the challenges that are likely to be encountered in other sectors, industries and location;
6. It gives you the ability to demonstrate the qualifications of a senior management role;
7. The academic skills and intellectual habits learned during the course of study, will allow you to work on your personal development;
8. You get lifelong networking and support opportunities through the connection between your professors and fellow students;
9. This sort of management development programme is all the lore cost-effective;
10. It gives students the flexibility to continue with their studies, without having to compromise their time at a workspace;
11. You become more proficient in operating at a more strategic level, even out of the zone of your own functional specialism;
12. You will get the opportunity to present the business value of your organisation, by engaging in relevant research projects.

Are you interested in acquiring newer business experiences, a better chance at a specific business industry or increased satisfaction with your current job? Apply now to the MBA Oil and Gas programme to gain truly international experience by landing jobs in some of the world’s major energy hubs.