Games Coming To Xbox In August
Credit @ Xbox Game Pass

Games Coming To Xbox In August

Games Coming To Xbox In August
Credit @ Xbox Game Pass

The first batch of new games to enter service in August 2021 will be led by Hades, critically acclaimed Roguelike, which will make its console debut on August 13. First and foremost, Amazon Game Studios New World, an ambitious new MMORPG that has had huge success since its beta release, surpassing 190,000 simultaneous players on Steam.

Every month, Microsoft adds four new free games which can be claimed by players who are a part of the Xbox Game Gold program. August’s Game Gold lineup includes a pair of Xbox One games, with two downward compatible titles. There are also new free games available in August for Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, and Ultimate subscribers.

Darksider 3 is one of the free games for the Xbox One for August 2021, while Lost Planet 3 is a deal for the Xbox 360. Both Darksider and Lost Planet will be available for one day each to Xbox Live Gold subscribers who can claim free Gold games for July 2021 if they have not already done so. Darksiders 3 is a character action game with a great premise that will be available for Games with Gold on August 1st at this time and can be downloaded by the end of the month.

Games Coming To Xbox In August
Credit @ Xbox Game Pass

Starting August 10, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will be up the wheel of racing games from three highly regarded racing series on the console with EA Play on Xbox One. Players will be experiencing the adrenaline rush of rally challenges with legendary off-road machines in global locations and take on unique challenges in the Joyride mode that EA play on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings to the table.

While 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting gaming year as developers push the power of PS5 and Xbox series X, it’s not just owners of the next-generation consoles who are aiming to have fun. We may not have a new generation of consoles coming out this year, but it’s also the year we’re starting to see a lot of releases, and the latest of the big hits is in the mix with some exciting games on the way.

Hades is not only available on the Xbox, but is also free for Xbox Game Pass members. The interactive thriller The Man caught in Time Loop: Twelve Minutes arrives as an Xbox Game Pass title for Launch Day. Highlights for 2021 include Little Nightmares, Dungeon 3, and Gears 5, which remain one of the only X-optimized games in the Xbox series to be released exclusively to subscribers. Remarkable releases with the 4: Blood Beta look like a grim slate of PS titles, but of course there are more games heading for Xbox Game Pass.

Games Coming To Xbox In August
Credit @ Annapurna Interactive

This time of the year is rarely slow and whether you’re on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X / S, Nintendo Switch, or PC, every month, you’ll find something to look forward to. The list few with some of the biggest games for Xbox we have Forza Horizon 5, Pokemon to look forward to when the year ends. The month of August is here, and here we take a look at three games that were released on the first day of the Xbox Game Pass.

We also have a great list of some of the games that appear in XboxAugust. If you don’t have to look around to find what you’re looking for. There will also find other games that fall later in the year, but there is still no fixed release window for 2021.

Games Coming To Xbox In August
Credit @ Passtech Games
  • Katamari Damacy Reroll – August 5
  • Dodgeball Academia – August 5
  • Curse of the Dead Gods – August 5
  • Lumines Remastered – August 5
  • Skate – August 5
  • Skate 3 – August 5
  • Art of Rally – August 12
  • Hades – August 13
  • Microsoft Solitaire Collection: Premium Edition – August 17
  • Twelve Minutes – August 19
  • Recompile – August 19
  • Psychonauts 2 – August 25
Games Coming To Xbox In August
Credit @ Double Fine

Microsoft will now allow subscribers of the Xbox Live Gold to download two free games for Gold every day from August 2021. The tech giant has unveiled its free games and gold games for August 2021, but a precise date has not yet been set. We tend to see two Xbox One games, one Xbox 360 game, and one original Xbox title. These are all decent games, but not what people ask for.

Also to note, Forza Motorsport 7 and all its DLC are no longer available in the Microsoft Store and will no longer be available on Xbox Game Pass. If you own the game or plan to own the game before its delisting you will receive a token for Forza Motorsport 7 in the Xbox Message Center and can continue playing.