Geely Launches Xingyue L Hi-X Hybrid for 2022 MY

Geely announces all-new Xingyue L premium SUV launch in 2022

Geely announces its all-new Xingyue L premium SUV to be launched this summer. It will be the most advanced SUV launched by the automaker with premium features revealing a new Hi-X hybrid version for 2022. The vehicle is powered to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.3 seconds using the “catapult start sequence” driving mode. This is only part of the whole picture Geely will be offering through this vehicle.

Geely Launches Xingyue L Hi-X Hybrid for 2022 MY
Image credits- Clean Technica

The big Geely’s mongrel powertrain, developed by Leishen Power can mate a supercharged, direct-injection1.5 L three-cylinder machine. The inject is with a DHT Pro ( Devoted Mongrel Transmission) three-stage transmission weighing about 120 kg. Together, they give enough power to get the big SUV to 100 km/ h (62 mph) in7.3 seconds using the “ launch sequence” driving mode, which (Geely claims) improves standing- launch acceleration by 50 over “ comfort” drive mode.

Geely says that thermal effectiveness in the vehicle of over 43, significantly advanced than indeed Toyota’s “ lesser than any other mass-produced combustion machine” at 38. Despite the fairly decent dynamic performance and size of the Xingyue L Hi-X, it gives back really solid energy frugality. Also says that it is better than3.9 L per 100 km (a crack better than 60 mpg). This means it could be better than Toyota’s most economical L Eco model Prius.

Autonomous driving technology

Other than the additional electrified drivetrains, the new Geely spearheads auto group’s autonomous driving efforts, the vehicle technology will be “Beyond Level 2”. The announcement says that Xingyue L comes with Geely’s newest 5G-enabled. It means it is a completely unmanned automated valet system. According to Geely,

“Within a 200-meter area such as a parking lot, the Xingyue L can drive independently, search for parking spots and park itself. The reverse can also be accomplished by calling the Xingyue L to pick up the user within a 200-meter area … the advanced sensor suite also allows Xingyue L to be the first Geely model to offer HWA Highway Assisted Driving which actively monitors the vehicle’s surroundings, autonomously change lanes, and move safe distances away from large vehicles. Drivers can also direct the Xingyue L to autonomously change lanes through signaling.”

From the outside view to the inside, everything is advanced. It is built on Compact Modular Architecture by Volvo/Geely. Furthermore, the drivetrains from the XC40 Recharge and Polestar 2 models will be used in the new Xingyue L model. As upcoming vehicles are being announced, the advanced technology involved from the previous vehicles is being included in the newer technology. More details about the vehicle will be known once the production model is launched in the market.