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Germany bridges the gap between blockchain and Euro

There has always been a non-destructible barrier between traditional money like the dollar and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. But it seems that for the first time ever, this barrier has been broken. Germany becomes the first country to bridge the gap between blockchain and Euro. This is a huge step forwards in the future of cryptocurreny. And will also mark the beginning of a new era where central money and crypto go hand in hand.

The bridge between blockchain and Euro

Germany has introduced new technology that allows investors to buy or sell securities on the blockchain network and get central bank money in exchange. This is the first time that any country has implemented such a game-changing move. Before this, too many companies tried to implement the use of blockchain for trading with official money. But none of them were as successful as this current implementation is.

blockchain and EuroThis new initiation of the German authorities was implemented with a new partnership. Bundesbank partnered up with Germany’s government debt agency for this project. Anyone selling securities on blockchain will receive the amount of sales in their bank account. This will influence more users to make use of blockchain technology which is definitely the future. The steps taken by the German government might also make more governments willing to give blockchain a clear shot.

Just yesterday we were talking about how Miami plans to become the “Bitcoin City”, but Germany has embraced the technology much faster. Well, in no way it is a downside for Miami. After all, we need to understand that Germany embraced blockchain technology which doesn’t specifically means Bitcoin or other cryptocurreny.

What does this mean for blockchain and its future?

Understanding Blockchain Technology: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins and Future of  Blockchain Technology in India - iPleaders

We all have heard about governments planning to release their own digital coin to make use of this blockchain technology. One thing that Germany made clear by working on this project is, that governments can make use of blockchain tech without having to make their own coin. This means if other governments like in India take note, instead of banning crypto in the country, they could just embrace its benefits.

This partnership between blockchain and Euro also means that we could see Bitcoin and other currencies get more recognition in the future. And the ultimate goal would be the convergence of all currencies and blockchain technology for a flawless financial system.

What are your thoughts on the new German project that bridges the gap between blockchain and Euro? And do you think it has the potential to succeed? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like it and share it with your friends.

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