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Germany’s EnBW to open Europe Biggest Charging park

By the fourth quarter, Germany is expected to have a fast public charging park by EnBW. Which is going to be the biggest in Europe with 52 charging ports.

Germany charging ports

Seed and Greet charging park in Hilden near Düsseldorf, Germany. Image credits-Twitter

These charging stations are to use sustainable energy.  Also, they will be located in North-Rhine Westphalia.  As known, these charging ports are to have 300kw capacity each. This is high considering it is public charging park.

Newly built photovoltaic modules

The park will use newly built solar panels. These 52 charging ports won’t be enough to make the country shift towards EVs.  But this is a start, by being one of the largest in Europe.

As said by Timo Sillober, who is Child Sales and Operations officer at EnBW.

“The Kamen location is the next step in fast charging. After we have been putting a new fast-charging location into operation every day for more than a year.”

Additionally, by 2025 EnBW plans to have 2,500 fast-charging stations fully operated. These ambitions are expected to cross the exhibiting fuel-based stations.

Buying EVs

Every EV maker is focusing on charging stations of changeable batteries. In China, Nio is using replaceable batteries by installing battery swapping stations.
Germany’s EnBW already worked on the gas and fuel sector. They have information about the 5.5 million users who are familiar with the company.
More or less, the company is getting ready for an EV world. Where people would notice the change and prefer EnBW.
Last year in November, the company launched 3 billion euros to encourage buyers to opt for electric vehicles. This involved the concept of scraping old materials and working on better concepts.
Having charging parks would definitely change the market. It is about accessibility and eases of usage. While consumers are charging their cars, what better than parks to sit even if it is for 15 minutes?

Germany’s EV market

Germany is currently the fourth largest market in the world for auto-makers. As of last year, Volkswagen dominated the electric vehicle industry in the country. Tesla’s Berlin manufacturing factory is yet to be finished.
The is substantial growth in the EV sector for the country. More than a couple of countries are targeting Germany as their next global entry. Currently, hybrid plugins are mostly purchased in Europe. However, plug-ins are transition vehicles and the country is gearing up for becoming an EV-friendly country, Also meaning, better in terms of sustainable energy solutions too.



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