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Global version of Steam is banned in China

As the Chinese version of “Steam” is very limited compared to other versions, some Chinese users cannot access the Steam global version of the game. The difference between Steam China and the international version is that not all games on Steam can be used on the platform, and only games approved by the Chinese authorities can be listed. At the same time, Chinese gamers can enjoy games through unauthorized PC and console game publishing platforms. According to Ahmed, the current Steam account will be applicable to both versions of the software like most games, provided that there is a version of the game specifically made for the Chinese market.

Steam China

Credit @ Valve

Chinese players will need to register on Steam China in order to play these games, all will remain valid. In addition, Steam China will offer casual gamers more than mobile games that are important in the Chinese market. However, the existence of Steam China will undoubtedly benefit the Chinese gaming community, especially new and/or casual gamers. It is likely that many games will not be officially released in China due to the already mentioned standards, which take into account all aspects of the game and how they can affect the culture of the country and the position of the government in certain respects. Data developer and reliable Fortnite Leaker, Ricky Owens was the first person to notice the ban and he tweeted a screenshot of what looks like Steam global on the list of blocked websites in China.

After all, there is a Chinese version of Steam, and there was a time when China issued a ban on things that should follow its guidelines, such as when Fortnite was banned, even though Epic Games offered a popular escape The kill version is said to comply with all game rules of the government. This will make it difficult to publish games on the platform, and if deemed unethical, many games may be banned from being sold in China. So far, there are no such restrictions. Therefore, Steam is still an opportunity for many independent and large publishers to target gamers in China who are willing to prepay for games. The fact that Steam banned games aroused the curiosity of some Chinese players who wanted to try the platform, which prompted many of them to purchase the second game Grand Theft Auto V on Steam. Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) already has a huge presence. Around the world, it is positioned as a game to understand the American way of life.

Steam China

Credit @ Valve

Right now, Chinese customers can buy whatever they want on Steam, bypassing the country’s strict content controls. This means that publishing a game on Steam works the same in China as it does in the West, and there is currently no government regulation regarding the Chinese Steam store. This has resulted in some games, such as Grand Theft Auto V, being distributed seamlessly through Steam in China, when in fact they would have been banned on any other Chinese gaming service.

The ban allows Chinese players to only access Steam China, which was first launched in February this year. Only the Chinese version of Steam is still available in China, and the currently available game library is limited, with only 103 games, which is just a small part of the more than 110,000 games currently produced by Steam Global. Chinese gamers are concerned that Steam and other popular games (such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds) may be subject to stricter scrutiny. These games are technically available in China but have not yet been approved by government regulators and may be banned at any time.



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