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GM Brightdrop acquires fleet optimization software company
Marain's software will be used in BrightDrop's fleet

BrightDrop acquires Marain, a California-based technology startup. It develops artificial intelligence software. GM’s BrightDrop will integrate the software into its fleet for its ecosystem of last-mile solutions that are used to analyze, identify and forecast multi-model solutions. BrightDrop’s fleet customers will be able to avail the new technology as they plan to fully electrify their fleet.

GM's BrightDrop acquires Marain's AI software to help fleet owners lower  operational costs

Image credits- Green Car Congress

Since the company is launched into the market 17 months ago, the deliveries have started. Commercial electric vehicles are being sent to FedEx, showing BrightDrop’s growth is a faster momentum. The company received a winning share of the $250-billion last-mile delivery market. In addition to selling electric vehicles, it is necessary to soothe the operations of these complex delivery systems. This would mean interpreting data, controlling assets, and predicting trends within fleets. The company needs artificial intelligence-based software to include such features. It would ensure that every single delivery would include various touch points. From the drop-off locations, vehicle hubs, and fleet managers, the communication makes it seamless. The deliveries will be delivered on time, every time. Other reasons would also include the there is a decrease in costs significantly. Having Marain’s software would push such development and maximin the results. Efficient sleets will keep up with the goods flowing in the delivery ecosystem 24/7.

Last-mile solutions

chief product officer of BrightDrop, Rachad Youssef said, “We’re bringing entirely new ways of doing business to the delivery market by providing a holistic, one-stop-shop portfolio of first- to last-mile solutions that allow fleet customers to do their jobs more efficiently while helping alleviate strain on the workforce, and the environment.

Further added, “Part of that includes building a software platform that leverages data and simulation to demonstrate how new technologies can work for them. This integration will take our software capabilities to new heights while continuing to deliver as promised for our customers.”

Combining advanced AI and machine learning technologies with data analytics and powerful simulation tooling allows Marain’s fleet optimization software acquired by BrightDrop to model various complex environments and deliver better performance for customers.

BrightDrop will integrate this technology into its software solution to model the efficiency gains that can be captured as customers adopt new technologies such as the BrightDrop Zevo and BrightDrop Trace products for these multi-segment delivery and logistics scenarios. This will enable fleet customers to better optimize their operations as they make the transition to an all-electric future. This software enhancement will also help BrightDrop customers see exactly what efficiencies are possible and how to capture them, helping drive lower operational costs and higher profitability.



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