GM electric vehicle Bolt

GM launches new electric vehicle – The Bolt EUV and an upgraded Bolt EV

Following its bold conviction of turning all-electric till 2035, General Motors has taken a new step towards that direction. GM’s Chevrolet Bolt is receiving some major upgrades. On this Sunday, GM revealed 2 new versions of the Chevy Bolt. As the GM is shifting towards the electric vehicle, both the variants of the bolt are EVs.

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Chevy Bolt EUV
Chevy’s New Era of EVs

The first one is an upgraded Bolt EV, which is a hatchback. Compared to the previous version, the new one offers high-tech features and a longer range. The second one in Bolt’s latest collection is the Bolt EUV. It is a compact SUV that has ample legroom.

The Chevy Bolt EV and EUV were supposed to hit production by the end of 2020, but just like everything else, this too was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both these Chevy cars are scheduled for this summer. The Bolt EUV  will cost you around $33,995, whereas you can buy the upgraded Bolt EV for $5000 less than its current version costs. It will cost you $31,995!

GM electric vehicle Bolt
The Updated Bolt EV
The First one

The first model of the Chevy Bolt was introduced in 2016 as General Motor’s first attempt to capture the mass-market with the electric vehicle, which has a range of over 200 miles and comes at an affordable price. While the sales were good till 2018, they dropped rapidly once the Tesla Model 3 hit the market. Unfortunately for General Motor’s Chevy, it could not compete with Tesla’s domination in the Electic vehicle market. Things got even worse when GM had to recall its 2017 version due to flaws in the battery. This move further dripped the sales!

Changing the Fortune

With these two new versions, GM will try the change the fortune of their affordable electrical.

The New Chevy EVs come with future technologies. Both the versions have “super cruize” mode, which will also the driver some “hands-free” moments. This is the first time GM has offered these advanced features on its affordable mass-electric car. Until now, Super cruize mode was just limited to GM’s Cadillac cars.

The Selling Point of Bolt

The price tag has always been Bolt’s highlighting feature. It helps them to expand their reach and offer electric vehicles to a wide range of audiences. Five years ago, GM could avail the tax credit, making the Bolt cost around $30,000. But GM sold 200,000 EVs in 2019, which broke them free from the Government incentive.

Hence the current decision of keeping the price at a scale of $30,000 even after offering a higher range and advanced technology sure makes the EV a lot more appealing. The Chevy Bolt caters to the need of the mass-audience and offers them to switch to electric at an affordable price range. The GM has definitely outdone itself with the two new EVs with superior features like Super Cruize.

GM electric vehicle Bolt

GM wants to enhance its sales and increase it over time. Currently, they cover only 2-3% of the EVs running in the USA, but with these two new affordable electric beasts, Chevy will look forward to reaching at least 15-16% in the US sales.