Gmail is getting a facelift, here’s what to expect
Your Gmail is permanently changing soon.

All of us have an email account and Gmail is the one of the most popular choices. Your Gmail account will soon look a little bit different as the company finally releases its much awaited and highly anticipated makeover to all users.

In a measure to offer users a more versatile Google Workspace experience, the updated Gmail will now not only provide email services, but video conferencing and chat options as well, that too in a single place.
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For the new amendments, users won’t have to do anything to activate the new version of Gmail, which will be updated by default over the next few days to users across the world in a measure taken to help enhance the mailing platform.

News of the Gmail update was initially announced in February 2022, in a bid to bring other Google Workspace services such as Chat and Meet closer to Gmail.

A majority of the Gmail users were able to try out the new look service in November 2022, but reinstated the option to restore back to the “original view” at any time.

Now onwards, this will no longer be possible, with users fixed permanently to the new design – although Google does enable users to change their Gmail theme, inbox type, and more through the quick settings menu.

In a Google Workspace update post (that opens in new tab), the tech giant has professed that the new look “will become the standard experience for Gmail, with no option to revert to the original UI”.

Source – The Verge

The change may seem quite sudden to some Gmail users, who will still see emails displayed front and centre, but shifted notably over to the right-hand side of the display screen to make space for a new sidebar on the left side that will have quick links to Chat, Spaces and Meet, shifting your email folders and label options over slightly.

Apart from the more integrated links with Meet and Chat, users will be able to see a new right sidebar that has shortcuts to other Google services like Calendar, Tasks, and Keep, without them having to open up extra tabs or windows.

Google confirms that users will also see all their notifications in one place, with bubbles flagging when you have a new message or chat to engage with.

The update will be available to all Google Workspace user accounts (except Google Workspace Essentials customers) as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers.