Microsoft Authenticator App

Go password-less with Microsoft’s Authenticator app

Microsoft Authenticator App
Source: Ledgeview Partners

Microsoft is one of the world’s most popular technology companies and at the core of its success is its zeal to innovate and advance its technology. The Windows-maker has once against proved itself to be at ace with innovation and this time, it will make users very happy.

According to recent reports, Microsoft has gone completely password-less with its approach to sign-in. Your Microsoft accounts no longer requires you to enter your long and complex passwords every time you log in. From now on, Microsoft users will be able to sign in to their accounts via Microsoft’s Authenticator application, SMS Codes, e-mail codes, and Windows Hello.

The Windows-maker announces that users can opt to remove their passwords entirely from their accounts and rely completely on the above-mentioned options to sign in. So, rather than remembering your complex passwords, you just need your smartphone to get the codes on the Authenticator application and you’re all set to log in. A simple click of a button and you don’t need a password anymore. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, you can use your Microsoft Authenticator app or email codes or SMS codes, a security key or Windows Hello to sign in to the company’s services like Outlook, to check your daily emails and calendars, OneDrive for all your backups, Xbox Series X and S, and Microsoft Family Safety.

This feature was first launched a few weeks ago but only for Enterprise users, and now it will be openly available to everyone with a Microsoft account. Users will begin to receive updates over the next few weeks as the company gets ready to launch its next iteration of the Windows Operating System, the much-awaited Microsoft Windows 11 on October 5th.

Now, if you are interested to go password-less for the first time with Microsoft, download the Authenticator app from your respective app store. Once you are through with that, go to your Microsoft account Settings > click on Advanced Security options and Additional Security. There you will see the desired option to go password-less and you can enable prompts on the Authenticator app, set up SMS codes, 16-digit security key, email codes, or Windows Hello.

However, it is a choice that Microsoft is offering here, at least for now. So, users can disable the option and go back to passwords at any moment in time. I, for one, am very thrilled to go password-less with Microsoft because typing your long-complicated password every time, is annoying.