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Dying Light 2 Delayed Until 2022

Dying Light 2

Credit @ Techland

Developer and CEO Pawel Marchewka confirmed on Twitter that Dying Light 2: has been delayed to 2022 and apologized to the fans who waited. This is the third time the sequel has been delayed. The game has undergone a problematic development, with developers accused by staff of poor management and crunch toxicity, with many believing the game would be canceled before its release. Although this move is not the first time the game has been delayed, it is hoped that it will ensure that the game is released in the best possible condition.

After an initial spring 2020 release date, the studio announced in January last year that it would postpone the game. In January 2020, they announced an indefinite delay with no new date. Techland is also developing an upcoming game, Techland, which features first-person parkour action during a zombie apocalypse and should be available for a while in December 2021.

Developer Techland said in a statement that the high-profile game is set to hit the market on February 4, 2022. The studio explained the delay by saying that the game was far from over and that the team was still testing it. Techland and Creative Assembly have promised more details on the game. In a statement released today (September 14), it is stated that the publication date for Dying Light 2 will now be February 4, 2022. Techland has acknowledged that it can bring the game to its intended level but needs more time to polish and optimize the game.

Dying Light 2

Credit @ Techland

Techland has delayed the release of its title featuring Human, Real Monsters, and Zombie until 4 February 2022 when they will be complete, according to studio boss Pawel Marchewka, because the company needs more time to polish and optimize the software. The game is almost over, according to the message to the community. “We, the developers of Dying Light 2 have realized that we have brought the game to the level we envisioned, but we need more time to polish and optimize the game,” he continued, adding that the team has decided to postpone the official release date of the game until February.

The announcement of the delay explains why the post-apocalyptic zombie game has been delayed. Techland CEO Pawel Marchewka announced the news in a letter to fans of Dying Light 2 today (14 September) and explained the development process in a statement. “Unfortunately, the team has realized that we need more time to bring the game to the level we envisioned,” he commented on Twitter.

While most fans understand the reasons for the delay in the release date, the news is disappointing given the two-year wait many endured since the open, election-based sequel to Parkour’s zombies was revealed to the public. Game fans should see more news about why the game has been delayed in the coming weeks. Earlier this year, Techland was generous with news and updates on game development.

At the time, Techland reportedly teased that player selection would have a big influence on the results of Dying Light 2 and that fans would need multiple runs to experience 100% of the content. Developers have informed the community about the status with intermittent development updates, and the game is known for its video series.

Techland offers a Standard Edition for $60, a Deluxe Edition ($80), and an Ultimate Edition ($100). More details on the available editions and their unique content can be found on its product page, including the elaborate Collectors Edition of the game. The Platinum Edition of Dying Light which includes all previous DLCs and offers the best price is available on Steam, GOG, and the PlayStation Store and is also available on the Microsoft Store for PlayStation Plus members.

Dying Light 2

Credit @ Techland

Techland also promised that the vehicles will become more interesting when the game is updated. For the players who pre-ordered the game, they will be entitled to receive some exclusive stuff like the Digital Reloaded pack that will give access to unique weapons, paragliders, and rafts. The game will also support DLSS and ray tracing on the PC, and a PC trailer can be found above. The announcement of the game at E3 2018 revealed a number of exciting features for the game. The game was featured in a series of videos called “Dying Light 2,” which was known for giving fans a taste of the vast game world, its myriad threats, and its ramifications.

The delay announcement came as a surprise to many, as it meant Techland had avoided the same kind of problems that plagued Cyberpunk 2077 when it was released. In support of the goal, the studio said in October it would give the world a closer look at the game and it would allow press and content creators to come into contact with the game for the first time.




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