Team Golfler Is Competing In The $70 Billion Industry


Golf is one of the most popular games of the world, especially in America. The golf business in America is huge! That’s how loved golf is. Last year the entire industry generated $70 billion in revenues. To put that in perspective, consider that the NFL generated $13 billion in revenue in 2015. However, it’s increasing popularity is making it difficult for golfers to find a golf course and equipment.

Golf has really been behind the curve in terms of adopting and implementing technology. Most industries have allowed you to book in advance for years. Think of hotels, airlines, even buying tickets for a movie. But online advance tee time booking in golf is relatively new phenomenon. It’s only caught on in the last couple of years. In 2015 advance tee time booking made a big leap forward and generated about $1 billion in revenues across the existing platforms. And the market is only growing.

Golfler was founded in March 2015, in Detroit, Michigan. It aims to be a solution for both golfers, and golf courses. The app allows the users to go through the list of courses, also letting them check their food and beverages menu, place and pay for order send a GPS beacon allowing the cart attendants to locate the user for delivery. The app lets you book in advance for tee time. The app’s latest version is active on Android and iOS.

Golfler allows the users to directly contact the golf course to report any problem, via instant messages. It has introduced a 3D rangefinder, to make location tracing more easier. With all these features, this app emerges as the best among all competitors.

Because of the huge growth in advance tee time booking and upside potential, Golfler decided to pivot and incorporate advance booking as a large part of the app. We will still offer on demand food and beverage for our users, but we feel the most potential is in the tee time booking. In terms of the tee booking, Golfler worked closely with the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) to figure out what golf courses are looking for in a point of sale (POS) mobile app.

The founder and CEO of this startup is Jason Pearsall is an avid golfer and hence, well versed in issues faced by golfers these days. He thought of this startup when he couldn’t find a drink in the golf course on a warm day after playing golf. Jason is a licensed attorney. Frank Oyelade is the Senior Vice President and COO. He has an extensive knowledge and experience in the food and beverages industry.

Golfler is a team consisting of more than 20 members, having bonds across Michigan, Florida and North Carolina. The team is well experienced and trained in golf. Their team includes a PGA professional, a lifelong golf course manager, several golf course owners, and many lifelong golfers. Therefore, they can easily understand any golfer’s problems and work out an easy solution.

They have recently made partners in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Though they had to deal with problem in cash flow, like every new company, they managed to overcome the problems and emerge as a successful company.

Here’s a look at their journey !

They are open to funding and are planning to build the company into a bigger, better market position. They have goals to cross 1.6 million dollars for their revenue by end of 2017. And from there, they are anticipating that revenues will grow exponentially and quadruple by the close of 2018.

There are a ton of cool new features that they are working to implement into the app. They are going to be adding tools to help courses manage their personnel, accounting, and payroll. They are working to implement tournaments for golfers, scrambles, and much, much, more.