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How some of the best managers manager their teams !



Good managers are rare to find. Every manager teaches you something about how a team should be managed or how a team should not be managed. A few things some of the best manager understand.

  1. Each individual in the team will have his or her own ambitions. Sometimes these ambitions will be aligned with the goals of the team, sometimes they will not be. It is necessary that as a team manager, you understand and as much as possible try and fulfill these ambitions of each team member.
  2. As a manager, you are responsible for the skills and career development of every team member.
  3. Personal life will be the first priority of each and every team mate.
  4. There has to be transparency in working of the team. Maximum information has to trickle down to each and every team member.
  5. Every individual in the team will have different motivations to work well. Also, the situations under which each individual displays maximum productivity will be different. An understanding of the individuals motivations and productivity patterns is necessary to get maximum out of him or her.
  6. You have to treat each member in the team equally and mean it.
  7. If you are comparing any two people in your team using the same scale, that shows your inability to identify each individual’s strengths
  8. Discussing one team mates performance with another is the biggest factor causing instability within a team.




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