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Google allegedly developing a Flodable Pixel Smartphone


04 January 2019, India:

Samsung is working on foldable smartphone from a long time and they are going to launch it soon. Google is working with Samsung for software optimisation on foldable smartphone.

Now rumours suggest that Google is also working on their own foldable smartphone. The foldable smartphone can come under the Pixel lineup.

A twitter user with mixed track record tweeted about the rumoured Google foldable smartphone.

New Rumors .. #Google Working on foldable smartphone #GoogleFoldablePhone pic.twitter.com/lbx8VxHfBz[email protected] (@TechNavvi) 27 December 2018

Last year, Google had announced in the Android Dev Summit, that they are working on optimisations for foldable smartphones.

It might be possible that Google is just working on prototype of foldable smartphone for better optimisation of Android on foldable smartphone. However, Google might surprise us by launching the foldable smartphone.

(Image – Glassdoor)



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