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Google announces winners of users choice, best android apps and games of 2020 India

Google has announced the best android apps and games of 2020 in India. The company has also announced the winners of users choice awards of 2020. So, without further waiting, let’s take a look at the games and apps that were good enough to win these awards.

Google announces the best apps and games awards

Image Source: The Indian express

1) Best app for 2020

The best app of 2020 award goes to “Sleep by Wysa“. It received a lot of praise by google terming it to be “utility meeting ingenuity and delight.” The app has a lot of routines and instruments that can provide an actually calming experience of using it. It also helps users with insomnia problems and those who want to meditate.

2) Best game of 2020

Legends of Runeterra” won the best game of 2020 awards. It is a strategy game where you need to build your card deck and fight your opponents. Skills, cleverness, strategy should all be brought together in order to excel at this battle royale game. Using the right cards at the right time and analysing the strategy of your opponent to out-think him is the game’s main premise and makes it special.

3) User choice app

Being a year of work from home, it is not very difficult to imagine why the user choice app awards go to all the apps of “Microsoft Office“. These apps provide a lot of usability on the mobile platform and make it easy for users to work without opening their laptops. I myself am a fan of Microsoft word and excel mobile version and use them very frequently.

4) User choice game

Yes, the craze for Cricket in India also shows in the user choice game awards 2020. It is won by the “World Cricket Championship 3“. The games previous version 2 also won the award for the most downloaded game. Offering crisp graphics and a quality mobile gaming experience, anyone looking to play Cricket on their phones must give it a try.

5) Best personal growth apps

Google made a list of the apps that helped users grow and find very productive. These apps included “Mindhouse – Modern Meditation”, “Writco”, “MyStore”, “Apna job search karo” and “Bolkar App: Indian Audio Question Answer”.

6) Best Hidden gems app

Some of the apps that received a special mention by the tech giant were “Finshots”, “FLyx”, “Chef Buddy”, “goDutch”, and “Meditate” with “Wysa”.

7) Best fun apps and apps for good

Google has mentioned several apps that won the best fun apps award for 2020. These apps are “Free Audio Stories, Books, Podcasts-pratilipi FM”, “MX TakaTak”, “Reface”, “Mok Short Video app” and “Vita”.

While the apps for good award went to “InnerHour Self-Care Therapy – Anxiety and Depression”. The app on this addressed psychological well being.

8) Best Competitive and Indie games

Google listed “Bullet Echo”, “Legends of Runeterra”, “KartRider Rush +”, “Rumble Hockey” and “Top Wars” as the best competitive games of 2020. While the best Indie games award goes to “Sky: Children of the Light”, “Motorsport Manager Racing”, “Reventure”, “Cookies Must Die”, and “Maze Machina”.

9) Best innovative and casual class games

Finally the last categories in the 2020 apps and games list by Google. The apps “Tuscany Villa”, “Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells”, “SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off”, “EverMerge”, and “Asian Cooking Star” won the best casual class game awards 2020.

At the same time, the best innovative apps awards for 2020 goes to “Fancade”, “Minimal Dungeon RPG”, “Genshin Impact”, “ord”, and “Sandship: Crafting factory”.

Do you think that there are some other apps that were so good that they should be present on this list? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content information, do like and share it with your friends.

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