Google brings new Android features
Google brings new Android features Image Credits: Twitter

Google brings new Android features
Google has launched new Android feature for its latest Android 13 operating system

Google brings new Android features
Google brings new Android features
Image Credits: Twitter

It seems like the technical giant has got something new for us! If you have been a fan of Google’s Android system then this might sound like something you should definitely checkout!

As per the reports, the technical giant has given a green signal to release their brand-new Android features on occasion to celebrate the holiday. If you are a fan of Android, then here we have brought the list of features you will get to see with this update:

Google launched new Android features for this holiday season 

There are features here which have been launched for this season! The list includes Reading mode, YouTube’s chase gadget on the home screen, and other new features.

These are among the features which will be showing up as the new highlighted features for smartphones, and tablets, and Google has also extended the support for these new features for the smartwatches as well! However, these smartwatches which are running on the Wear operating system will only get to taste the new features.

Reading Mode 

The Reading mode is one function that is available, and it can enhance reading in general, especially for people who are blind or have impaired vision. Once it has been downloaded from the Play Store, it will be included in Settings.

The Reading mode will let you read information with almost no interruptions, such as advertisements on a website, and modify the font size, type, and contrast. Moreover, there is also a text-to-discourse feature with adjustable playing speed. It supports Spanish, Italian, French, and English.

Computerized Keys 

Now, Pixel and iPhones could get a computerized car key that would let people lock and open working cars using their phones. In the future, selecting smartphones running Android version 12 or higher will be crucial. You’ll want to update the electronic key and even keep track of who uses it using cutting-edge wallet software.

A brand-new YouTube scan home screen tool is available. You can quickly tap your way to recordings, shorts, and more thanks to this. Additionally, you can use the Google TV app to instantly project a working television.

Google Photos 

The most recent collage designs by DABSMYLA and famous watercolor artist Yao Cheng Plan are currently supported by Google Photos. Styles may be used to edit and make shared collages.

In addition, Emoticon Kitchen now facilitates the conversion of fresh emoticons into sticker sets, like a snowman. Additionally, Google Messages has the same functionality as WhatsApp for replying to a specific message.

Changes in the wear operating system

Improved Google Keep and Google Collaborator support for the Adidas Running app, which offers access to over 30 activities, are two of the new Wear operating system enhancements. Other changes include new tiles to see favorite contacts.