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Google Chrome’s latest software update “Chrome 90” rolls out for Android and Desktop versions

Google Chrome

Source: gHacks

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers on Desktops, Laptops, Android smartphones and even iOS devices because of its smooth sync across all platforms. But, as we all know that with great popularity must come great responsibility, responsibility to provide safe access to its users and responsibility to continuously improve upon its existing technology and software to ensure user’s privacy and security at all times.

Having said that, Google has recently rolled out its latest update for the Google Chrome web browser to push for better and more secure HTTPS browsing. Chrome is taking another step forward with its approach to adopting HTTPS browsing with its version 90 of Chrome web browser. This version is reported to be a more stable channel for desktops, as reported by Engadget.

According to multiple reports, Google first announced their Version 90 of Google Chrome back in March. Google says that HTTPS is one of the most used protocols in today’s date which enhances privacy and security while you’re browsing the internet. The Google Chrome version 90 will also significantly enhance the loading speeds of websites. Reports suggest that the latest software update for Google Chrome has already been rolled out today but initially only for desktops and Android devices.

The new Chrome also includes new features, security fixes and bug fixes. As mentioned in a report by official Google blogs, the new stable version 90 resolves over 37 different security issues and major updates include:

  • AV1 Encoder: This update provides better video quality while video conferencing and ships with an Av1 decoder that also promises to improve utilisation of bandwidth. There will be improved screen sharing compared to the previous version and significantly smoother streaming on low bandwidth as mentioned earlier.
  • Tab Search: Google Chrome 90 now improves tabs management in the browser by adding a small arrow for better navigation between tabs opened in different Chrome windows.
  • HTTPS is now supposed to be a default protocol for Chrome 90.
  • Port 554 is blocked to improve NAT Slipstream 2.0 attacks, as mentioned in the official Google blog post.

Furthermore, in order to manually download the latest Google Chrome update, Go to Manu on the Google Chrome browser> Help> About Google Chrome> Check for updates. Google Chrome will automatically run for the latest updates. Install the latest Google Chrome version 90 and enjoy a safe and secure browsing experience.





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