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Google Cloud outage took down Discord, Spotify, Etsy, Snapchat etc.

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Google’s cloud service, unimaginably called Google Cloud seems to have a lot more dependency than everyone thought it would. According to recent reports, Google Cloud went offline due to some networking issue and it took down a handful of significant applications along with-it including Snapchat, Spotify, Discord, Etsy etc.

The Google Cloud issue has now been resolved as per reports but a full fix needs to be sorted to prevent this from happening in the future. The affected websites and applications were displaying an error message (404 error) and as per reports, we, as users did not have any workaround on fixing the issue.

Apparently, Google became aware of the problem once thousands of users started to complain about the service, and the company immediately tweeted that they are aware of the problem and currently working on a possible fix. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, users started to report the issue at around 1 PM ET and Google Cloud confirmed about the problem in networking at 1:10 OM ET.

In the latest update, the company has confirmed to have resolved the issue and all impacted websites and applications are up and running again. Google says that they will publish an analysis of the issue once they have done the internal investigation.

As the world is progressing towards digitization, cloud computing is gaining more and more popularity. Medium and large enterprises are using Cloud Computing Services from Google and Amazon as an integral part of their technical infrastructure. As for Google, they use Google Cloud for their end user products such as Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, Google Drive and more. Similarly, there are other third-party services, customers of Google that use their cloud computing services to run. Spotify, Snapchat, Etsy and Discord are some of Google’s customers that use Google Cloud and with this recent outage, they went down as well.

If you remember, not very long ago, even Facebook’s services including Instagram, Messenger and Facebook went down because of an outage that lasted for about 6-8 hours. My point being, where there is technology involved there will be issues and outages. But, for some of us, our business largely depends on these services and if they go down, they will take our business along with them. Thus, the dependency on Google, Amazon, Facebook are too high for them to make mistakes. Good thing that Google could resolve this issue within no time.